Close To Me Exclusive Sneak Peek: What Doesn't Jo Harding Know About Herself?

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We've already shared the trailer for the new Sundance Now series, Close To Me.

Now, we've got an exclusive clip that offers a little of what Jo Harding will be dealing with after a tumble down the stairs left her battling partial amnesia.

Jo Harding Has Seen Better Times

Connie Nielsen is Jo, and Jo's mind is a jumble of missing links.

She has no recollection about the fall that left her gravely wounded.

There are so many unknowns.

Jo doesn't know how she fell down the stairs. She doesn't know what led up to that moment.

Jo Harding Never Saw that Coming

In a situation like that, trust is almost impossible.

But the most shocking thing might be what Jo doesn't know about herself.

Our clip reveals that she may have been involved in something a little untoward with someone other than her husband.

Instead of that revelation making her husband Rob (Christopher Eccleston) more sympathetic, it makes you wonder why Jo would have wanted to step out on him in the first place.

Jo Faces Herself In the Mirror

And it sure offers that there are people who may be willing to hurt her to hide or reveal secrets, depending on which side any potential danger is coming from.

Close To Me is based on a novel of the same name by Amanda Reynolds, and if you read it, the clip you're about to watch was what brought the feelings evoked by reading it into the light.

It's a great book and an excellent adaptation, so don't miss it.

Close To Me premieres on Sundance Now on Thursday, December 16.

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