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Cooper: Congratulations, Special Agent.
Dembe: Thank you. It wouldn't have happened without you.

We deserve justice as much as anyone if not more.

Harold [to Cooper]

I'm not a religious man but sometimes a sinner's prayers are answered.

Baptiste [to Cooper]

Marvin: Do you value my counsel.
Red: I do.
Marvin: Then here it is. You're nuts.

It's official. Our lives suck.


Sports is as old as man and you perverted it.


You're better than this. This should not define you.

Mierce [to Red]

Aram: I didn't to stick with what I'm best at.
Dembe: Cycling, right?
Aram: No, orange sherbet.

You were so down this morning. I'm hoping this will raise your spirits.

Red [to Merce]

I'm glad you shaved. I'll take it as a sign you have nothing to hide.

Park [to Ressler]

You don't want to be friends with someone like me. Bad things happen to people I get close to.

Ressler [to Theodore]

I'm the poster child for running away. I'm running from my problems now.

Ressler [to Lauren]
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The Blacklist Quotes

Just because you’ve been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra doesn’t mean you can compose a symphony.


Discretion is a rare, tragically undervalued quality.