Lexi Speaks: Arielle Kebbel on Vampire Diaries Character

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A fun and bubbly vampire?!?

While Edward Cullen and the Salvatore siblings may cringe at this concept, Arielle Kebbel is embracing her role as Lexi on The Vampire Diaries.

The actress debuts as Stefan's (very) old friend on tonight's episode of The CW hit and she previewed her character's appearance in an interview with TV Guide. Excerpts are below:

On Lexi: She is about as much fun as anyone who's 300-and-something years old. She's this burst of energy, a complete life force. It's safe to say she's pretty much been everywhere, seen everything, lived every moment and that makes her even stronger, even more confident, even more sarcastic because she has all of this life experience behind her.

Very Old Friends

On Lexi's relationship with Damon and Stefan: I'm older than both the boys, and although I have unconditional love for Stefan, there's also an unspoken understanding that I'm older, which means I'm more powerful. That comes as a huge threat to Damon, which I love.

On her evil side: Let me tell you something, the hours I spent getting red contacts and getting fangs made were all worth it. I got to do some pretty cool and pretty evil stuff in this episode. It's not every day you get to toss around cops.

There are no current plans for Kebbel to appear again on the show, but she says producers are open to Lexi's return of fans clamor for it.

Following the episode (or right now!), sound off about the character in our Vampire Diaries forum. We'll meet you there!

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