The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Lost in the Shadows"

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Melinda's personal life is the main focus on this week's episode, "Lost in the Shadows". Aiden has the ability not only to see and speak to ghosts, but also the ability to see the Shadows.

Julia Miller is a little girl who recently died of leukemia. What is it with ghost children that give us the Hebe jeebies? I'd take a Michael Myers over this scary little girl any day.

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Julia practically kidnaps Aiden to go to an abandoned train station. She gives us the insight that ghosts have feelings too and are very much afraid of the Shadows. But, who wouldn't be? What are the Shadows anyway? Do they represent daemons in hell? Too much to be uncovered still.

It is wonderful to find out that the Shinings are working on the "good" side. The fact that they are the reason Jim and Melinda were able to find Aiden in the first place only confirms their good intentions. We're already making Team Shining shirts now!

One part of this show that never ceases to amaze us is the clothing - err - lack of clothing Melinda wears. Did anyone else find it amusing to see her running about the house in that night gown? You're telling me after five years of marriage - with a child - she sleeps in a getup that looks like it belongs in the Southern romance novels? That's just great!

All in all we learn a lot more about the Shadows and the Shinings. Is it a fight between good and evil? Is the light really the final resting place for all ghosts? Please let us know your thoughts!

Until next week, we leave you with a few of The Ghost Whisperer quotes from last night:

Carl: Ghosts can't see the Shadows. | permalink

Professor Bedford: The girl/ghost is not what you are up against.
Eli: Who the shadows? | permalink

Melinda: I have a gift - and I can see ghosts. | permalink

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You don't know what you are dealing with.


I have a gift - and I can see ghosts.