Private Practice Review: "Another Second Chance"

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Thursday night's dramatic Private Practice followed a similarly crazy hour on its sister show (see our Grey's Anatomy review) and left several questions unanswered in L.A.

If you missed it or need a refresher on the details, here's our episode guide to last night's Private Practice (we've begun compiling quotes and music from last night, too).

Now here's our take on the events of "Another Second Chance" ...

Mark on Private Practice!

We pick up the action in L.A. and Mark and Addison needing to let off steam. Of course, the promo 15 minutes ago already showed naked, so there was little shock value.

Nonetheless, they proceed to the couch and floor of Addison's office. He's reeling from being dumped by Lexie, and she's ... well, she's Addison. Always a little bit fragile.

The surgery on Sloan was pretty dramatic on Grey's Anatomy, but more secondary on Private Practice. There were some tense moments, but Addison got the job done.

This hour was more about Mark not knowing what he wants. He says he's moving to L.A. so he and Addison can help Sloan raise the baby. That's just crazy talk ... right?

Right. She discerns and confides in Pete that Mark's embracing Sloan because she represents a second chance at a family - one Addison took away by aborting his baby.

Addison encourages Sloan to consider adoption, and after another naked romp, asks Mark if he'd really move to L.A. to be with her, if it weren't for the baby and all.

His response: "I'm so sorry."

You knew it would come to that, but in some ways we were disappointed. Eric Dane and Kate Walsh have good chemistry, and we would've liked to see this continue.

Samuel Bennett

Sam clearly wouldn't, though. He was clearly agitated by seeing Mark and Addison getting it on - and out of jealousy, not just because they were fornicating at work.

It will be interesting to see if Sam's behavior in light of Mark's visit to L.A. will make him rethink his relationship with Addison going forward. There's a spark there, too.

Meanwhile, Cooper and Violet argued over a patient's care, which spiralied into another yelling match between Coop and Charlotte. Man, this one got ugly, even for Coop.

This guy has really gone off the deep end. We've always been Cooper fans, but dude needs to let it go, already. Charlotte may be right when she says he's not a man.

Thanks to a little straight talk from Naomi, Dell apologizes to Betsey for not letting her see her mom before she died. What a bittersweet scene. Chris Lowell's great.

Naomi and Dell are trying to raise children under the same roof, since Heather blew up where he was living and all. That arrangement is about to get more complicated.

In the closing moments, Maya reveals to Addison that she's ... pregnant. Holy. Crap. We suggest she pack her bags before Naomi learns that little piece of news.

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice event?

Another Second Chance Review

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