2 Broke Girls Review: Max Makes a Sacrifice

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Max met the parents in 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 20 - and things went about as well as you probably thought they would.

Actually, that’s not really a fair assessment of how things went down.

In the beginning, Max was extremely nervous to meet Deke’s parents, which was completely understandable. She felt like she had absolutely nothing in common with his family and that they’d probably assume she was some money-grubbing slut after his money.

Unexpected Secrets

Okay so even Max would admit that at least some of that might have been partially true at one point, but the total truth is that she loves Deke and she wanted to impress his parents so that they could get their pastry school.

When Deke suggested he get his parents to buy the school though, I was on the fence about it.

Ain’t no party like a Caroline party ‘cause a Caroline party don’t start.


On the one hand, it would be awesome if he owned the school so that he and Max could still go there and Caroline could run it. But on the other hand, the fun of this show is the girls being poor so I’m always suspicious when something really good happens to them. But then I reminded myself that Max was dating a millionaire and that was working out okay so maybe I just needed to chill out.

As you can see, I talk to myself a lot while watching this show sometimes. Try not to judge me.

Me in those pearls is like a monkey in baby clothes. Just plain wrong.


Anyway, though Max started out nervous, she found out that Deke’s mother was just regular chick from the Bronx and there was nothing to be afraid of. Everything seemed to be going hunky-dory until the uppity friends started going after Caroline.

That’s when Max’s gloves came off and at that point, she didn’t care who she offended. You gotta love her pluck, even if it’s always – and I mean always – getting her into trouble. Deke telling Max that he chose her over his money was sweet, but it was also pretty scary to realize how naïve he was about the real world.

Sir, if you say another bad word about her I’m going to whoosh-whoosh you off of that chair.


So I found myself admiring Max once again when she talked Caroline into pushing his dumpster back home. Of course she would be willing to give up her own happiness to make sure that he was taken of, but I sincerely hope that he comes running right back to her just as soon as that weed wears off.

My favorite bits:

  • The school closed? Aw, HELL no!
  • Caroline trying to blame Deke for having the affair with Chef Nicholas. Now that would’ve been an interesting episode.
  • Caroline finding out just where she was on Deke and Max’s three-way list. Not a bad spot.
  • Caroling packing pound cake in her purse.
  • Max and Deke admitting they once had sex on Caroline’s desk.
  • Max hugging the housekeeper by mistake. Oopsie.
  • Instantly liking Deke’s mother the moment she walked in the door and started talking about Oprah.
  • The entire sour ball/mini 3 Musketeers conversation.
  • Max making a pregnancy joke WAY too soon. God, I love her.
  • Two words: Pit stains. Poor Max.
  • Genet telling Max she needed to chill.
  • Max warning the uppity neighbors to lay off Caroline. Yeah!
  • Max accidentally letting it drop at the table that Deke’s mom was a stripper. Oopsie.
  • Max wanting to give up her own happiness to get Deke back to his parents. Aw.

Do you think Deke will come running back to Max?

And Not the Broke Parents Review

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Ain’t no party like a Caroline party ‘cause a Caroline party don’t start.


You get the weed. I‘ll get the other weed.