Arrow Season 3 Poster: Who Made the Cut?

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Much like the Lost posters of old, the season posters of Arrow always delight viewers.

While they may not give any plot points away, they give us a clear view of who the main players will be for the coming year. So ... who is included and who is missing for Arrow Season 3? It's a little bit surprising, to be sure.

Arrow Season 3 Poster

As always, Oliver Queen as The Arrow is front and center. Flanking him are two important women in his life -- Felicity Smoak and Laurel Lance. Picking up the end of the line are left and right hand men, Roy Harper as Arsenal and trusted companion John Diggle.

Allow your screams to die out just a bit. Breathe. 

Where is Thea? Well, it's probably an obvious answer: she is not on the side of her brother/The Arrow at this time. She's training extensively with her father Malcom Merlyn, an enemy of Arrow, putting Thea at odds with Oliver. She's not part of the Arrow team.

Last year, Slade Wilson made the cut even though he became the ultimate big bad. It made sense because his true reveal to Oliver as Deathstroke was well into the season. He was on the poster as Slade, a friend and brother to Oliver Queen.

What the poster means for Sara Lance is unknown. From the promo we know Oliver is surprised to see her fighting behind him as she pointedly says she hasn't been gone that long. She is still Canary. The unknown is intriguing. 

I like to imagine the Arrow posters show us who Oliver believes to be on his team. In this case, Laurel is ready to step up. Felicity is not just a team mate, but she has his heart, moving her closer. Of course, it could just be the male female vibe to even out the placement for aesthetics. 

New dynamics are always a little scary, but they're also incredibly exciting. What do you think the poster means to the overall arc of the coming season? Comment away!

In the meantime, enjoy the Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 slideshow (17 new photos were added just yesterday!) and mark your calendars to be here on October 8 for a full review of the installment.

If the waiting is too much, please watch Arrow online and above all, remain calm!

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