Awkward Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Auld Lang Party

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It's the beginning of a New Year on Awkward Season 4 Episode 12 and everything is just the same as it ever was. 

One moment, Matty and Jenna are friends looking out for each other, making sure nothing bad will happen to each other. And to make sure they don't end up doing things they'll regret at the end of the night. There's absolutely nothing out of the ordinary here in regards to the plot and pacing of the show; in fact, you'll probably guess what comes up next: 

Yes, there's a misunderstanding and one half of the couple everyone is rooting for breaks the pact. 

It's all teen drama pacing; Jenna misunderstanding that Matty's older woman is just his mom (even after she sends him over to his mom so they can make up), and Jenna makes the classic mistake of making out with Owen, the sophomore band kid. Everything about it just feels like yet another needless obstacle. Instead of sticking with the plan, making Matty and Jenna friends, the pact intact, and go from there we're left with another opportunity of lying, pining, and misunderstanding. 

There are some high points in this installment, but they are mired down by so many contrivances. Awkward Season Four is the shell of what it used to be. The writing is no longer smart or sharp, nor does the show really have a unique and true sense of what high school is anymore. It has morphed into just another teen show to throw in the pile, and in the process it, sadly, has become mostly forgettable now. 

For the high points, Lissa and Tyler's story really began ramping up after she blurts it out at the party (much to Sadie's utter glee). The development gives Lissa the opportunity to continue questioning everything about herself. While Tyler isn't her by blood brother they are a family, but her family is full of secrets. Her father refuses to come out of the closet, even after getting it on with the stripper at the New Year's Eve bash. 

Sadie too, is having a banner year, and is quickly becoming the most interesting person on the show. Her chemistry with Sergio is always a pleasure to watch, and she's not afraid to be the mean girl with a heart of gold. She's not afraid to give Ally some hell when messing with her friends, and Sergio isn't afraid of protecting her from high school creepers. I'm all for Jenna and Matty to take side burner status in favor of Sadie. 

Give Sadie the blog, but, in the meantime, while my dreams never come true be sure to watch Awkward online right here at TV Fanatic. 

What did you think of the New Year's party? Sick of Jenna and Matty? Wondering why Jake had to head upstairs to sing lullabies all night? Most important, though, is when are Sadie and Sergio becoming an item?

Auld Lang Party Review

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