Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Brotherhood

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While the Brotherhood was further explored to eventually reveal the mysterious leader of that group, Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 4 was ultimately a cut and dry case of the week.

Some new numbers popped up involving kids in foster care who just happened to have stolen some drug money connected to the Brotherhood. POI team assemble!

Of course, watching Reese challenging schoolgirls to hopscotch for a lead or seeing Bear surrounded by shredded homework papers as Finch explained his reasoning for not being in the field was a good way to get things going. After all, the show always finds just the right places to interject some humor amidst all the action and drama.

Even Fusco, who had a few brief moments to supply his own brand of funny whether is was questioning Reese putting them on a case involving seven bodies or “introducing” himself with his own gun shots. Reese and Fusco really must have a lot of paperwork with all their shooting.

It was nice to see Reese leading the charge, but it really didn’t take me long to guess that the DEA agent that had joined him was actually the mole working for the Brotherhood. It just seemed obvious given the amount of times the mole was brought up.

Though I was a bit surprised when Mini shot and killed her in the backseat of the car. I actually thought maybe she would have gotten away or that Shaw had found her way into the vehicle.

I was also not suspecting that Mini would turn out to be Dominic, the leader of the Brotherhood. To think, Shaw had him the whole time!

And while I liked seeing Marlo, ahem, I mean Link, return only to have Reese get the better of him again, I’m curious as to how far the story of the Brotherhood in respect to the POI team will actually go.

Because while Reese and company saved the day, got the kids a place to stay together, with that happily ever after ending of hope and promise, it was more interesting that Dominic talked about drawing the boy back into league with them.

Will that happen or was that more of a throw away line that simply connected with the story of the hour. Will we see the kid again? Just how much of a threat is the Brotherhood?

I’m sure they will clash with the POI team again, that is unless Elias feels like getting involved.

It was great to see his character, who I actually love only appears here and there for some great scenes. He knows something is up with Finch, Reese, etc., and I sometimes forget that not everyone knows about the Machine or Samaritan.

So it was kind of cool to see Elias and Finch conversing about things changing. There's always just an engaging presence when Elias is on screen.

But I can’t help but think at the back of my mind, with all these big changes of them on the run from Samaritan, with characters like Dominic and Link talking about not being the ones to get killed, might there be another POI member who could get killed in the future? This season?

After all, Carter was killed, and that was a major shock in Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 9.

Overall, this was just an OK hour of Person of Interest. While it had its moments, it wasn't something that blew me away. But not every episode is going to do that, and if anything, it really got me thinking about what else might be around the corner for Reese and company.

What did you think of the Brotherhood? Did you enjoy Elias' return? And be sure to catch up on all the latest episodes when you watch Person of Interest online.

Brotherhood Review

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