New Girl Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Oregon

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 16, Jess and her friends traveled to her childhood home in Portland, Oregon, for her dad's wedding.

Unfortunately not everyone was able to make and it looks like it is the beginning of the end for the relationship between Ryan and Jess. The most important thing we learned was Ferguson, the cat, could possibly be alive, but he hasn't been seen in weeks.

Lets not waste anymore time and talk about tonight's episode.

I was shocked to hear Jess hadn't talked to Ryan for a week – it certainly doesn't bode well for a long distance relationship if the couple doesn't speak. It's odd after they made a big deal about staying strong on New Girl Season 4 Episode 15 and saying they would make things work, yet they can't get it together to at least talk for even five minutes. I get Ryan has started a new job, but it's still baffling to me. 

It didn't surprise me to hear Coach does extensive research before he travels on the best places to visit. I fully admit I am guilty of it, so I can't judge him for it. Plus, it fits with Coach's personality of wanting everything in order and control of different situations. 

While I love Nick and Schmidt, Winston is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters. This guy has some of the best one liners and you can't help but love his obsession with his cat. I'm also really liking the whole Cece/Winston friendship and how – even though he knows about Cece still having feelings for Schmidt – he is keeping it a secret; though I did love the reaction he had to Cece's crush.

I will say only one thing about that man that I've only said about Ryan damn!


I can't be the only one cracking up over Cece's flirting, right? You'd think a woman who has shown in the past to have a lot of confidence would be able to approach a man and have a normal conversation with him. At least it provided us with some laughs; though I imagine it left many of us confused, as well.

I'm so happy Nick decided they would take Jess's tour since Ryan didn't show up. It reminded me of New Girl Season 1 Episode 1 when they got the friends together to get Jess's things from her ex boyfriend -- it really is about being their for a friend. While I enjoyed Jess's tour I did feel bad for her when she got to her house and her mom had a huge banner welcoming Ryan – at least we had Winston to provide us with some laughs during the depressing moment.

How could you not love Jess's mom? Seriously, she is hilarious and Jamie Lee Curtis plays her perfectly. I couldn't stop laughing after hearing Joan talk about taking a trip she'd never taken before. We need more Joan goodness on this show. 

While I usually enjoy wedding episodes this one was a dud for me. We got some great comedy moments from Winston and Joan, but the rest of the episode fell flat. Even the final scene of Coach and Nick trying to find the missing rings was boring. It was clear this was the beginning of the end for Ryan and Jess and it wasn't surprising she would break up with Ryan over voicemail. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? Are you feeling they are entering another slump?

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Oregon Review

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