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Without question, Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 8 is the best episode to date from this series. We're talking leaps and bounds beyond the rest. In truth, it left me a bit stunned and a bit sniffly.

I thought Babylon might be the proverbial rabbit hole and Lindy just tumbled hard down it. From the moment we saw Sara's photo as a prostitute and uncovered the attached police file, I had a feeling this episode was going to be different.

Seeing "Magnifly" meet George for the first time as part of the hacktivist Outliers group, gave us the sweet origin story of their friendship. He asked to be impressed, and boy howdy did she manage to impress and embarrass him.

But to learn that Tommy was stalking her a year ago and that he was the one to bring her to the attention of Cyber Crimes was just a stab in the gut. It was clear from watching him that he was into Lindy when he convinced the Sarge to bring her on, otherwise I don't think he would have been so pissed about Ben stealing her from under his nose.

So for Tommy to tell her he did all that before truly knowing her seems of little value.

At least Lindy had the comfort of knowing that Ben always had her best interest at heart, even if he was involved. He took the lead on the case because he didn't trust Tommy not to push her to her demise. He tried to convince the Sergeant to tell her about Sara. 

And despite it costing him his relationship with her, he had Lindy arrested because it was the lesser of two evils. There's no doubt he genuinely loved her; even the Flirtual killer agrees.

Watching Lindy discover the many betrayals – especially finding the bug in Ben's Saint Christopher medal – was crushing. Clearly the killer wants her to know the truth – wants to hurt her – but why? He says it's to prove that no one loves her the way he does. How is he going to prove that? He's effectively stripped Lindy of all trust. How does he expect her to ever trust him?

Victoria Justice did an amazing job in this episode, traversing the heartbreak and horror as each piece of her past was revealed. Oh, the feels!

Lastly, we have Tessa playing a Lindy wannabe. Why, why, why? Is she some kind of serial killer groupie? Or is she being pressed into this whole thing, blackmailed somehow? I'm going to say no because she seemed crazy excited by her killer date. Will she survive Flirtual next week? The previews promise the killer will be revealed. I can't wait!

How excited are you for Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 9? Who do you think the killer is? Why is Tessa being a freak? And does killing Lindy's trust put her right where the killer wants her? Like maybe in Jake's hands? Share your thoughts and speculate below. And if you missed this can't be missed episode, make sure to watch Eye Candy online.

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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Doesn't it creep you out a bit that the killer hasn't killed anyone recently?


Lindy: We need to hack the Cyber Crimes Unit.
George: I love it when you talk dirty to me.