DIG Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Armageddon Protocol

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That pretty much went exactly as expected, don't you think?

I wish we could say that DIG Season 1 Episode 10 went all out to answer all of the questions posed by the series, but much like Debbie's story, it went out running...without much of a point.

That's not to say it was all for naught, however, because a certain final scene was replayed by this reviewer a good five times, seriously stinging her eyes with tears in the process. What the hell??

The Emma Wilson Mystery - DIG

As we've suggested all along, DIG had a really great premise; perhaps too great. There was simply far too much out there than was every going to be answered in ten episodes let alone ever, frankly. They rarely broach the topic of Armageddon in movies let alone a television series, and that was my fear here. It was warranted.

Week by week and death by death we moved further from the outrageousness that was the bedrock of DIG. There was a group of people who wanted to start World War III. Why? What on earth could they possibly gleam from doing so? What did they hope to gain from gathering 12 legendary stones to fill a breastplate that allowed someone to talk to GOD of all people?

Well, as it turns out, we'll never know. We got so far as learning that Margrove was a greedy sot who wanted to get a treasure. Typical villainy, nothing too exciting there. We know Tad Billingham created two clones (how and why are still black holes) to achieve the end game, but still...nothing on why Armageddon or reaching hell was of interest.

The same goes for the Ambassador and the Rabbi and all of the other players. No answers were received whatsoever as to what they were to get out of calling upon the devil to destroy the world. THAT was the answer that I was most looking forward to getting. Not that I truly expected it to come.

That's not to say there weren't some fun moments in the hour. Lynn's little car ride where her captor said she really didn't want it to come to this. Oh, honey, Lynn really didn't want it to come to that either! The things criminals say are preposterous, don't you thing? Yet, also very entertaining.

Watching Lynn pop off her heels as if somehow a rollercoaster shaped shoe bottom is any easier to walk on in the desert than heels cracks me up and can you even imagine not washing blood off of your face and hair the minute you got back into the office if you were wearing a former friend's face on yours? Ewww.

Another moment that caught me off guard was when Tad Billingham was shouting that he was going to let God speak, as he does it clearly and apparently and then he started either choking or got a nut allergy because how could you not laugh at that?? 

On the other hand, the "resolution" with Emma was hardly worthy of her story. Her father and brother weren't known well enough for her being a Donaldson to be that big of an impact. We never did get to examine the crazy that was the wall other than a cursory brush over, we never saw the full beauty that was the treasure nor did we understand fully the craxy that was her brother. Her turn as a loony murderess made her nothing more than a temptress using sex to lure men to her will. Not overly interesting.

Lynn pulled it out in the end and was able to convince an Israeli official to side with her and his people against the Ambassador and her and Peter salvaged their friendship.

The best story was that of Avram and his dogged determination to save his beloved Red. When the bombs went off, all eyes went elsewhere and he made off with the calf and in the waning minutes of the finale Avram was releasing Red to a cattle rancher with the caveat that he ever use her for meat or milk and she live out her days on the ranch.

Of course, as she ran off happily, even then (as tears stung by eyes), I worried that she would see her friends taken from her again and again and she'd never find true happiness. Yes, in the end it was all about Red. Not Emma (who also was red for a while), or Peter or even Golan. It was Red was needed to live and find freedom. If anyone made a GIF of Red running in the wind, send it my way!

So what did you think? Did it work for you on any level? Were you happy with Red, at the very least? Disappointed we never found out why on earth anyone would want to instigate Armageddon in the first place? Hit the comments!!

If you missed any of it, you can watch DIG online via TV Fanatic. Thanks for reading along with me! You've made it all worthwhile, as always. Cheers!

Armageddon Protocol Review

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DIG Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Margrove: Look, I may be an opportunist...
Peter: And an asshole.
Margrove: Granted, but I'm not crazy. And if that mosque comes down it will be World War III up there. Armageddon. The end of everything.

Margrove: The Armageddon Protocol. The end of their world, the beginning of ours.
Emma: Thank you Peter Connelly.