The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Helen

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One man's dynamite is another woman's key to killing an entire town.

Helen proved on The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 that she's always had a few screws loose in the head. 

However, her plan to destroy the dam paled in comparison to the truth bomb Peter dropped.

Into Motion - The Returned Season 1 Episode 9

I shouldn't have been surprised Helen was in psychiatric care before she died. She's been nothing but crazy in the present, so it only makes sense she would have been that way before.

Helen is ready to do whatever it takes to destroy the dam because she thinks everyone in Caldwell needs to die.

But why?

This is a question I want answered, but it probably won't be by the end of the season.

As many people speculated, Peter revealed to everyone that he's just like Camille and that he died 29 years ago! 

Well no wonder he acted so calm when he first encountered her.

Peter also told Simon back in The Returned Season 1 Episode 3 that he knew someone else years earlier who came back. For some reason, I never thought Peter was talking about himself. 

There are so many questions surrounding his reveal!

  • Since he died 29 years ago, does that mean he died in the flood too?
  • Why did he come back so soon?
  • Has he been aging normally since his return?
  • Does that mean Camille, Simon, and the others could age too? 

I love this development, and I can't wait to see what Claire will think about this secret he's been keeping from her. 

This episode threw off my whole theory that everyone who's returned eventually turns bad. Peter's made his second chance at life worth while by trying to help people and better himself. 

Simon was beginning to look like the bad guy after kidnapping Chloe. 

Rowan was completely in the right by trying to move on with Tommy and being wary of her dead fiance's return to the living.

Simon's actions are understandable in the heartbreaking sense. The guy has been trying to be with the people he loves, but while time has stood still for him, their lives have been moving forward. 

I've been trying to get back something that's already gone.


Simon left before Tommy could catch him, but there's no way he's gone for good. 

Someone who needs to go away for good is Victor! That kid is ruining lives without lifting a damn finger.

Julie is not going to protect Victor after seeing Nikki bleeding at the bottom of the stairs. Julie needs to get away from this freaky little boy and never look back.

Although, that will be easier said than done because Victor has a long history of killing off helpless women who stop taking care of him. 

Since we're heading into the finale next week, I'm going to throw out a prediction: Someone will discover they are pregnant!

Early on in the season I questioned whether those who've returned could get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. We have several possible pregnancy routes: 

  • Rowan slept with Simon (a returned)
  • Jack just slept with Lucy (a returned) 
  • Lena slept with Adam (a returned) 

I'm leaving Claire sleeping with Peter out, and Helen with the dam worker out because they are probably past the point of having children. 

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Peter's reveal? Will Helen succeed and blow up the dam? Can Julie ever escape Victor alive? What are your predictions for The Returned Season 1 Episode 10? 

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on the mystery before the season finale when you watch The Returned online via TV Fanatic! 

Helen Review

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The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't know your sister, but if she's like Simon now, you should be careful.


We both know there are more. It's not just me. But if we all just run and hide, they'll never accept us. You can't give up on me. Not now.