Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8 Review: End of Faes

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With (another) potential apocalypse looming, the midseason finale was the equivalent of a coy Magic 8 Ball: Reply hazy try again; Ask again later; Better not tell you now.

The start of a Doccubus reunion (maybe), the death of a fan favorite (maybe), a possible deal with the devil (maybe) and an urge to move to Canada where the midseason premiere is only a few precious months away (definitely).

On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8, Bo and the gang make saving the world a black tie affair, because nothing says functionality like a backless sequin evening gown. But one thing is for sure, they know how to party like the world's going to end. Try the clam dip, I hear it's fantastic.

Invitations - Lost Girl

First things first, I want a lesson from Lauren on how to pack my clutch for my next cocktail party. She is pulling medical supplies out of her clutch like Mary Poppins, MD. That syringe is HUGE. I can barely fit my lip gloss and my iPhone, let alone a drink testing kit. 

But the girl has skills, and obviously Bo knows it. She tells Lauren that she wants her back and Lauren is a little surprised by the confession. Later she tells Bo that she's in (I think, right?). There is no embrace or kiss to seal the deal, but Mark is bleeding out somewhere, so I'm actually relieved they didn't do the whole big embrace/kiss hoopla.

One of my biggest TV/film pet peeves is when, amid  time-sensitive situations, valuable moments are spent on characters reuniting and making out for 30-plus seconds. Someone is dying somewhere and those 30 seconds could save their life, but a dramatic make-out sesh is worth it. 

Look, Lauren, I entered the game, I lost. That's life. The best woman won. I'm over it. You should be too.


I also feel like I may have a little whiplash from how quickly the bad guy changed. So, the ancients are bad, obviously, and then they are actually here to help Bo escape Hades, but then they are definitely bad, and Iris is the most bad, but she's really just hurt, (but also going to inadvertently end the world).

And Zeus and Hera are really bad, clearly, but Hades is bad, too, so let's let him out and see what happens? [Cue creepy jack-in-the-box tune.]

After all that, I need a drink. But maybe not a coquetel. I don't mind the apocalyptic visions so much as the hard-boiled egg floater.

So Bo agrees to get emancipated. But in the Fae world, it's more than a little paperwork. In what seems to be a lethal version of a Price is Right-esque parlor game, she has one shot to pick the correct weapon. She chooses a rusty dagger, and I can't help but hope Lauren has another syringe in that clutch loaded with a tetanus shot.

Zeus: The Amethusto dagger. Interesting choice. Said to keep its owner sober of evil thoughts. Are you sure?
Bo: Rusty dagger. Final answer.

In the end, Vex comes to Mark's rescue. I really hope there is something happening here. I can't really tell, but Paul Amos has been spectacular in all of their scenes. While I have loved watching Vex from his very first appearance, there is something quietly moving in Amos' portrayal of Vex's affection. It's so different from anything we've seen Vex do in the past, and it's believable and heartbreaking.

The same can be said for Tamsin, who has also experienced some uncharacteristic heartache as of late. Watching the Valkryie break down is a satisfying completion of the character's arc, which started out very hard and has softened this last season, especially. I would hate to see her go out so abruptly, but if she is really dead, I am mostly satisfied with her journey.

Zeus: I've never seen a Valkyrie cry.
Tamsin: It's cause it's against type. No emotions on a battlefield.

With a hiatus to leave us guessing, we have time to extrapolate on all the details. Did Bo make a deal with the devil? Are Mark and Tamsin going to make it out alive? Are any of our favorite Fae? Will anyone be satisfied if they try to placate DyBo shippers with an Alicia pair-up? Is the Doccubus leaving the station and riding off into the sunset? Stay tuned for the second half of the final season and, in the meantime, watch Lost Girl online at TV Fanatic. 

End of Faes Review

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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Look I'll play superhero with you tonight. But there's no way I'm not having fun while I do it.


Zeus: The Amethusto dagger. Interesting choice. Said to keep its owner sober of evil thoughts. Are you sure?
Bo: Rusty dagger. Final answer.