UnREAL Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Truth

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Does the truth really set you free?

UnREAL Season 1 Episode 5 certainly set out to prove that, but there were really different outcomes for each character.

Let's talk about those steamy scenes in Faith's family barn. Yes, Jeremy and Rachel could turn a cold winter night into a hot, sweaty summer one, but Jeremy didn't want his life to be a train wreck and had reservations about the outcome of letting her into his life again.

That said, I agree with him. Rachel has thus far proven to be very unpredictable, and though it might work for her job, it won't work for her personal life.

After concluding that Rachel likes Adam after UnREAL Season 1 Episode 4, I'm forced to think that they will never be anything more than friends. Rachel admitted that she doesn't have any friends, and that he is her only one.

That must have taken a lot, but could she only be saying this because of Jeremy showing interest in her? It sure is a possibility I would never rule out. 

Deep down, Rachel has a heart, but there is no way she's ready for a relationship, let alone a quick tryst in the work place. She has a lot of issues she needs to work through. Conversely, Jeremy has a heart, but he has been stung once before by her, so it's only natural he wants to keep up his guard.

One thing I will say about him is that he doesn't deserve Lizzie. If he loved her, he wouldn't be pining after Rachel, so he shouldn't be with her.

After her increased presence last week, Mary is quickly being turned into the villain, and I couldn't be happier. This should make for a solid second half of the season. Shia crossed the line by messing with her medication, and it will come back to bite her.

Considering the conclusion of this fantastic episode focused on her dancing around in her underwear, she will most certainly provide Everlasting with the publicity it needs in order to secure that fourth season renewal. If only it really was as easy as that to secure a renewal!

I think we all knew that something wasn't quite right with Faith. She seemed a bit reserved from the moment she set foot on the set of Everlasting. Sure, this could all be attributed to her being nervous, but we got some solid answers about her personal life.

I honestly thought we would be saying goodbye to her this week when we got the reveal that she was homosexual and madly in love with her best friend, so I'm happy she is continuing with the show.

Coming out must be a stressful time for anyone, so it was nice of Rachel to have a contingency plan in place, in case her nerves got the best of her. Does anyone else think that Faith could win this, and she and Adam will spend their relationship apart? Let's face it, the only person Adam is into is Rachel, and he is not relationship material.

Chet continued to be the pain in Quinn's ass, and I can't wait until we bid adieu to this waste of a human. I was shocked that Quinn didn't have much of a case, but the lawyer took the words right out of my mouth when he said that the look book pretty much could have been any reality show on the planet.

Obviously Quinn didn't take this well and looked for her go-to girl, Rachel, but she was miles away, which paved the way for Shia to give her some advice. Who'd have thought that Shia of all people would be the one giving someone advice that would perk them up? Before you ask, she wanted something in return!

There we have it, we have now hit the half way point of UnREAL Season 1 and there are no signs of the drama slowing down yet. Now that we are back to watching the show live after we were treated to some online episodes, I hope that more people tune in live and give this show the ratings it deserves. I'll be watching until the end!

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • What was Rachel smoking to think that Everlasting pulls in 15 million viewers? If that really is true and first class drama like this is pulling in less than a million it shows just how mind numbing reality TV really is.
  • Did anyone else notice that Rachel was masturbating to porn at the start of the hour, but by the conclusion, she was getting kicks from her videos of herself and Jeremy?
  • How many more weeks will Jay last before he is fired? He deserves to be publicly shamed.
  • Is anyone else holding out hope for a wildcard that allows a previously eliminated contestant to return? Hello Britney.

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What did you think of the episode? What's next? Will Quinn decide to stand by Chet? Hit the comments!

Note: UnREAL Season 1 Episode 6 airs Monday July 6th at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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