Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Heart of the Matter

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How many times can they say experiment before we all go crazy?!

Cat can't seem to stop obsessing over cases and Vincent is always roped into joining her. On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 4, Cat continued to put the case first and Vincent second, which led them to marriage counseling. This is exactly what's irritating me about this season – Cat's disregard for Vincent. 

While I understand they want to find the people behind the experiments, there has to come a point where they look at the case as a whole and decide what needs to be done. Cat is so obsessed with finding answers, that she's slowly neglecting her relationship with Vincent. 

Shock and Awe - Beauty and the Beast

It's sad to think Vincent and Cat are already in marriage counseling before they're even married. With all the various issues they've been through, they're just now getting to counseling? If anything, I felt bad for the therapist most of all because he has to deal with the utter ridiculousness of Cat and Vincent's bickering. 

Cat, you need to accept Vincent is now a full time doctor, and stop thinking he's trying to avoid you. This is something which perplexes me – how can Cat think Vincent is trying to distance himself from her, when she knows his job as a doctor is extremely demanding and time consuming? I get she wants some one on one time with her man, but my goodness, give him a little space so he's able to have some type of normalcy. 

I understand why Cat is determined to find the people behind the experiments, but she's really letting the case take over her life. How can she expect to get understanding from Vincent when she goes to life-threatening means to get answers? Vincent tried to tell her she needed to stop questioning the man who's in need of a heart, but she still continued to pounce on him and ask questions. I just don't get why Cat can't take a moment to step back, clear her mind and look at the case with fresh eyes.

Poor JT! He basically became the secretary/mediator between Tess, Cat and Vincent; though the scene was rather comical. If I were JT, I would have told everyone to solve their own problems and thrown the phone across the room. I can't be the only one worried about his healing abilities, right? JT can never get the easy way out of things, it always has to be life threatening with him. Speaking of his abilities, who else was surprised that everyone knows about them? 

At the end of the day, the therapist was right about Cat and Vincent working well together. They've made it clear, time and time again, that they are the perfect match, and despite the pitfalls, they do have mutual respect for each other. It's just irritating when Cat disregards Vincent's job and doesn't take into account being doctor is demanding. 

In the end, Cat may have been right about her gut instinct regarding the heart transplant, but nothing was done in moving the story forward. It may only be a few episodes into the new season, but there still haven't been any clues as to what and/or who are behind the experiments. How can you invest in a storyline when you don't have any inkling where it's going? 

What did you think of, "Heart of the Matter"? How long until we find out who's behind the experiments? Do you think Cat is neglecting Vincent?

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Heart of the Matter Review

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