Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Cat's Out of the Bag

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How many times can we hear the name Liam?!

On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 9, a whole lot of nothing happened until the very end. Cat was still determined to stay away from going after Liam, and her loved ones went to great lengths to persuade her to get back on the case. Heather was the voice of reason until Cat's father and JT got involved. 

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss "Cat's Out of the Bag."

Cat Isn't Happy - Beauty and the Beast

While it's understandable why Cat wouldn't want to go after Liam, it still didn't make sense for her character to just decide to give up. As a detective, she should have been all over trying to catch Liam considering the fact he had murdered someone. Apparently, apprehending a dangerous fugitive was not on the top of her list.

Cat couldn't say going after Liam was not their fight when, in reality, the moment he crashed their wedding and beat the crap out of Vincent, it became their fight. Cat can't just force Vincent to give up on saving innocent people. 

Of course JT would be the one to see Cat's side of things. It makes sense for him to see her side because of all the danger he has found himself in. If anyone should be done with going after super-humans it should be JT. The poor guy has been put through enough near death experiences to last a lifetime. 

[talking to Heather after getting attacked] I'm getting good at being attacked. Now you know why I like scotch.


Oh Vincent! Why the heck would you try to access Julianna's body? Vincent was a complete idiot to think he'd get away with getting a track on Liam without Cat finding out. Vincent should have known the police would be protecting the body because, I don't know, it's part of an ongoing homicide investigation. Use your brain next time.

It was pretty funny hearing Cat threaten to arrest Vincent. 

[talking to a shocked Vincent] Don't make me arrest you honey.

Cat did bring up some good points about how the chief is looking at the Liam case. Tess covering up for Cat over and over again is making her look like a bad captain. Tess continues putting her job on the line every time she covers up for Vincent, Cat and JT. Tess needs to find a way to take down the super-humans and also be an excellent captain.

At least Cat had some backup from Heather on her stance about wanting a normal life, but it's a just too late for normalcy. Cat can't just throw in the towel after all the work she has done and forget about the super-human side of things. No matter how hard Cat tries, she can't give up on going after the bad guys.

Vincent deserved a nice swift kick in the ass for the way he talked to Heather. Heather is Cat's sister, and she's probably always going to be on her side. Heather shouldn't be blamed for innocent people dying because of Liam.

Vincent: [talking to Heather] Do you realize what you just did?
Heather: What? I was just saying how I feel.
Vincent: You just put a whole lot of peoples lives at risk, innocent people.
JT: [trying to stop Vincent] Vincent.
Vincent: You think I like doing this Heather? You think I like the fact that my wedding just blew up in my face?
Heather: [starting to cry] I'm sorry.
Vincent: You know because if Cat doesn't turn it around, and quick, Liam is gonna be out there and a whole lot of innocent people are gonna die. It's just not our lives at stake here, you get that?
Heather: [walking away crying and upset] Yeah.

JT's plan of clueing Heather in on Rebecca's journal completely backfired. Heather looked at the story without rose-tinted glasses and saw the dangerous side of things. JT does get credit for going to great lengths to get Heather to see their side of the argument.

Even though Cat wanting to do things by the book was beyond ridiculous, Vincent getting in the middle of the case was absolutely annoying. Vincent has always been able to avoid the police and still help Cat, but all of a sudden he's being caught by the police. Did Vincent forget how to be a secretive beast?

Who else figured out Cat would put herself back on the case after learning Liam was going after everyone who had the serum in their blood? It was great watching Tess, Cat and Vincent work together to save Heather and JT.

In the end, Heather joined team destiny. JT realized he may not be cured, but Tess tried to reassure him everything is going to be OK. Vincent and Cat had yet another heart to heart with Cat deciding to be on board with going after Liam once and for all.

Are you surprised Cat agreed to go after Liam so quickly? Do you think JT still has some of the serum in his blood?

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Next week on Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 10, while Vincent and Cat are going after Liam, they find information on a Patient X. Could this person have the answers they've been looking for? Meanwhile, JT and Tess work together to find out if JT still has the serum in his blood. Make sure to tune in Thursday, August 13 at 8/7c on The CW. 

Cat's Out of the Bag Review

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

[talking to a shocked Vincent] Don't make me arrest you honey.


Cat: What are you doing here? Why would you want to steal Julianna's body?
Vincent: I didn't try to steal Julianna's body. I was just trying to track Liam off of it. Anyway, look, it's a good thing I came.
Cat: No it is not a good thing. This is a police case, I told you, one that I am handling.