Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 3 Review: I Walk Away

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Tensions are high on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 3 as complications arise for our favorite firefighters. 

Between Brett and Chili being held at gunpoint, Casey's balancing act, and Dawson's collapse, no one can argue this hour wasn't jam-packed with action and drama. 

Did everyone make it out okay? 

We'll start by discussing Brett's growing attachment to the baby she delivered. Luckily, she wasn't in it to adopt him, but her worry about his well-being served as quite a dangerous distraction. 

I'm actually not quite sure how her thought process went from "I'm concerned no one wants this baby" to "I'm going to get myself shot in the face." I get that she was not about to lose this patient, but it still felt like quite a jump, especially when she just blindly followed the guy into the building even as Chili was trying to be the voice of reason. 

Thankfully she was able to reach the kid's father because if this went on much longer, there's no telling what trouble she'd get herself and Chili into next. 

I did like finding out that Boden orchestrated the whole thing with the doctor from Chicago Med. My only problem with helping her intervene is, what's going to stop this from happening again? I don't feel like it's very conducive to the whole "drop them off and leave" mentality. 

Casey is putting the new candidate through hell, but he doesn't seem to mind. I don't feel like we really needed the storyline with his brother. We all knew he wasn't switching houses. 

Casey's lucky Dawson wasn't around to hear this though: 

Casey: Kid's got potential. Might be the best candidate I've seen come through here.
Otis: Hey, former candidate right here.

The elevator rescue was incredibly intense. Hopefully no one out there is afraid of heights! I was a little surprised Casey didn't go back across and hold the rail for the dad after he saved the daughter, but I guess making the extra trip was an unnecessary risk. 

That wasn't the only intense rescue. Coincidentally, the house got called back to the same neighborhood as the crack house fire and successfully saved a man's life, minus his leg. The wife was so grateful that she came forward with a video proving they did everything they could to stop the fire. The IA investigation is closed! That was all a little convenient, right? 

Things are heating up between Kelly and Jamie. Apparently she's pretty special since he's letting her wear his jersey and drive his car. The poor guy cannot catch a break in the romance department. He has a right to be upset with her, but I am still hoping they can work this out. 

Granted, that's assuming she has nothing to do with Dawson's files conveniently going missing. That was so obviously going to happen. Why didn't Dawson keep copies? 

Things are looking pretty scary for Dawson and Casey's baby right now. Will it survive? 

Some final thoughts:

  • I loved Dawson giving Duffy "five" when he was asking for the next file. 
  • How cute is it that Casey's not drinking in solidarity with Dawson while she's pregnant?

If you missed anything, get caught up and watch Chicago Fire online now!

I Walk Away Review

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Casey: Kid's got potential. Might be the best candidate I've seen come through here.
Otis: Hey, former candidate right here.

Hold up, you let her borrow your car? You don't even let me look at your car!