You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Side B*tch

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Good news, everyone! Gretchen isn't cheating on Jimmy. She's just kinda depressed, so... yay?

That was essentially Jimmy's reaction to this revelation, at least. You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 6 was a relatively serious installment of the dark comedy, addressing some pretty heavy issues and providing a few legitimately deep moments of introspection.

A Date - You're the Worst

"Side B*tch" primarily featured our four main characters in three separate subplots. Lindsay attempted to adapt to living on her own as a fully-functioning human adult (and failed... for now, at least). Edgar, elsewhere, made strides in moving on from Lindsay by building on his connection with improv teacher Dorothy. Meanwhile, Jimmy schemed to uncover what Gretchen was up to during her nighttime sneak outs, after the revelation that he knew she was sneaking out in You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 5

I don't know about any of you, but I found the Lindsay subplot to be legitimately heartbreaking. Sure, Lindsay isn't always a particularly likeable character (and she's dumb as a bag of rocks), but at least she gave self-sufficiency the old college try.

The scene between Lindsay and Jimmy at lunch, when he grilled her about what was up with Gretchen, was priceless. We need more scenes between Kether Donohue and Chris Geere because they play off of one another fantastically. I always love their interactions. Kether Donohue's commitment to gross, physical humor is also great (Lindsay eating spaghetti by the handful was so unexpectedly weird and funny).

After trying uselessly to make her own way home (on foot, on stolen bike, hailing nonexistent cabs, etc.) and resist asking Paul for more help, she wound up on Becca's doorstep. You know she must have been desperate to show up on the doorstep of her despised sister. (Becca, as per usual, is still the worst.)

Lindsay: Wait! Vernon? Do you think I'm useless?
Vernon: You might not be useful in the tradish sense but you're a good friend and you make people happy.

The only part of the Lindsay subplot that felt off was that bonding moment with Vernon. In theory, that moment where she asked Vernon to hold her was meant to show just how low Lindsay had fallen – here she is, now, so desperate for comfort and human contact that she's asking her sister's goofball weirdo husband to spoon her (and allow him to squeeze her boob).

It wasn't particularly out of character, but it was honestly uncomfortable to watch (though Vernon's reassurance that Lindsay wasn't useless was a sweet moment). It's unclear whether this moment will be a one off or whether Lindsay and Vernon will continue to bond (I hope the former).

Elsewhere, Edgar was slowly but surely moving on from Lindsay. Dorothy is a great minor character, and their developing relationship is really sweet. It's a great counterpoint to any of the other relationships depicted on the show thus far.

Their bond is pretty adorable, so naturally I'm waiting for something to go terribly wrong between them. Definitely enjoying the cuteness for now, though.

For my birthday, they gave me a mug. It looked like it had a bunch of inkblots on it. Turns out they had gone to Color Me Mine, dipped their balls in paint and tea-bagged the mug a bunch of times.


The representation of sexual harassment that Dorothy experienced was really well done and didn't feel heavy-handed (as it easily could have). It was very satisfying to see her eventually stand up for herself, though it led to her comedy troupe disbanding. I guess we (like Edgar) will be seeing a lot more of Dorothy now?

Meanwhile, Jimmy spent his time stressing about Gretchen's secret sneak-outs in the middle of the night. He, like me, was convinced that she was cheating on him. Luckily, the show didn't go a predictable route like that.

'Luckily' seems like the wrong word to use in this situation because, though Jimmy was obviously gleeful over how things turned out, there is something wrong with Gretchen. 

Jimmy: So why'd you bring the phone?
Gretchen: Oh, I... I like to play Snake while I cry.
Jimmy: Ah. Well, that's a classic game, that.

This show is dark and often borderline-absurd, so it's entirely possible that they'll never again reference Gretchen's clandestine Snake-playing crying episodes. That said, this show doesn't seem like the type to shy away from a serious issue like depression.

If Gretchen is really depressed, I hope we see that storyline play out. Edgar's PTSD, which is largely played for laughs, serves the dual purpose of highlighting a real, serious issue, so I feel confident that the show can do the same for any emotional issue that Gretchen is experiencing.

Stray Observations:

  • There were a few great moments from the show's phenomenal recurring cast members. Becca following along with Vernon's perineal massage tutorial video was pretty funny, but as usual Gretchen's client Sam and his faux-but-not-faux feud with Shitstain and Honeynutz stole the show.

Jimmy: Look, just tell me -- are you her side bitch?
Sam: What? Hell no! Bitch eats floor candy. Ain't seen a foreign film in a decade.
Jimmy: Do you know why she has a burner?
Sam: Oh, the God Phone? I gave her that because sleepy bitches don't deserve regular phones. She didn't tell you about my clever speech?

  • I loved the callback to Sam's God phone speech. That was one of the funniest bits of dialogue all season.
  • Dorothy's tea-bagged "inkblot" mug story was hilarious, despite the seriousness of the sexual harassment subplot.
  • I think I would have been more okay with the Vernon/Lindsay spooning if it had been exactly the same scene, minus the boob squeeze. That pushed it over the line for me because ew, Vernon.

Where, if anywhere, do you think the show will go with Gretchen's now-not-so-secret secret? Has Lindsay experienced a breakthrough after her tete-a-tete with Vernon? Are you loving the Dorothy/Edgar pairing, or not so impressed yet?

Remember to watch You're the Worst online to catch up on what you've missed, and to chime in with your thoughts by commenting below!

Side B*tch Review

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