Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Looking Out for Stateville

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Not one of their best outings. 

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 12 was so obvious, and honestly a little boring. 

At least Burgess finally took a stand. The ball is in Ruzek's court, and we will see if he makes a move.  

The whole thing with Eddie played out pretty much exactly how I expected it would. Of course Eddie was going to try to make a break for it with the money. Anyone could see that. 

Thankfully Voight wasn't wearing the same blinders that Audrey was, but honestly, who didn't know that too? Voight's no dummy, and there was no way he didn't prepare for that outcome. 

I do feel like sometimes Antonio doesn't get enough to do, so it was nice seeing him stand up to Voight and be a part of Eddie's take down. They have a great relationship, but it tends to get overshadowed by Voight/Lindsay and Voight/Olinsky. 

I love watching the way Lindsay connects with people. They trust her instantly, and for good reason. She always knows what to say, even if she doesn't always know how to help. 

I liked that she saw Tracy's concern and didn't try to deny it or tell her to listen to her mom. She agreed with her, and even really worried about her.

It made sense that she was the one to present them with the money at the end. She needed to know they would be okay just as much as Voight did. 

Eddie is lucky Voight didn't hear the way he spoke to her. No way he would have stood for that.  

Eddie: Hey, you. Do me a favor, stay out of my family's business, understand?
Lindsay: I'm just looking out for them.

Lindsay is a part of his family, and he will always look out for them first. Too bad Eddie didn't figure that out sooner. Maybe he would have made a different decision. 

You have to give Burgess credit. She was as patient as she possibly could have been with Ruzek, but enough is enough. They are engaged, and he can't even spend one dinner meeting his fiance's mom?

He obviously made up the story about his dad having to work late, but if he truly wanted to keep Burgess, he would be making at least some effort. 

It's fine. I accept it now. You don't want to be on the hook. I am letting you off.


There was a time when I really, really loved these two together, but I think we all could use a break from this drama.

I am still hoping they will work it out, but as I said before, the ball is completely in Ruzek's court. He needs to decide if he wants to get married, and if so, he needs to make a grand gesture to prove it. 

At least now that Burgess has lost the bet, she can add twenty bucks to Platt and Mouch's wedding fund. They are going to need all the help they can get. 

Too bad some of Eddie's C.I. money couldn't have gone to that. Maybe Mouch should find a way to get hired as a C.I. He needs to find some intel on some drugs or something. 

It has been awhile since we've checked in with Olinsky and Michelle, and I'm getting pretty curious when that will be revisited. Are they still staying at Ruzek's apartment? 

Your turn, did you find this case to be a bit lackluster? Are you proud of Burgess for taking a stand? 

If you missed anything, you can watch Chicago PD online any time! 

Looking Out for Stateville Review

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Voight: He's helping us take down a priority target. You got a problem with that?
Dawson: I have a problem with using this unit to pay off an old prison debt.

Roman: You see this is why I've never been engaged.
Platt: Huh, and here I thought it was on account of you being a heartless jag-off.
Roman: Hey, I've been in love many times. They just all turn out to be crazy.