Shameless Season 6 Episode 1 Review: I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing

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After what feels like an eternity, the Gallaghers are finally back, and I'm happy to report that the show is still pretty damn good. 

On Shameless Season 6 Episode 1, Carl was released from juvie, but he brought home the same attitude he had when he left. There is no hope for the kid. He's going to be in and out of jail for the rest of his life. 

He could talk his way out of anything, but he's pretty stupid. It's crazy to think that he got out with good behavior. Then there's Chuckie, who had a fraction of Carl's sentence, yet is still inside.

It's Carl!

Elsewhere, Mickey has a long stretch behind bars ahead of him. It's nice that he survived that attempt on his life from Sammi, but she has the upper hand right now because he's on the inside. 

I couldn't fathom why Ian would find it so difficult to go visit the love of his life. They've both been to hell and back. Svetlana sweetening the deal by tossing him some money to go visit was a bitter pill to swallow. 

I'm hoping that Ian just thought it was best to stay away because he knows they aren't going to be together forever, but seriously, these two need to get back together. This five-year storyline just can't end with Mickey behind bars. 

It was nice that Ian agreed to wait for him. I don't think that shoddy tattoo had anything to do with it though.

As for Sammi, she was MIA, but she'll probably wreak more havoc now that Carl is on the outside. It's amazing how she was such a good character until she became a bitch to everyone. 

Fiona had a lot on her plate for much of the premiere. She's with Sean and that has to be one of the best decisions she's made ever. However, I think the whole assistant manager role should be open for anyone who works at Patsy's to apply. Nothing screams unprofessional more than a manager giving his girlfriend the job without considering anyone else. 

Guess our reputation as a shit hole is still safe.


This relationship will really make or break Fiona as a character (one more reckless decision and she's written off), but based on how much these two have been pining for each other for over a year, they are very committed to it. Heck, they've even taken up "fishing" together. Those poor fish!

We need to talk about Lip. That dude is going places. He made it out of the mean streets of the South Side, but he's about to blow it all up by boning that damn cougar. She may be hot, but she needs to establish boundaries with him, or he's going to attack everyone that leaves her house. 

His best bet would be to ditch her and focus on his studies. That whole situation with her and her back catalog of college guys is too much to keep up with. The nod back to Shameless Season 4, in which the teacher's assistant gave him a D on his paper, was pretty good. 

That assistant was reluctant to give Lip a second chance, but Lip is now in that power position and gave the kid a chance. Lip would make a great teacher, but he just has to believe in himself.

"I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing" was a very solid opener that has me very excited about where the show will go this year. The writing and acting continues to be a cut above anything else on television and I can't wait to see what's next. 

Odds and ends:

  • Did Frank get a heart transplant or something? He seems to genuinely miss Bianca, and there's no money involved. It seems like this could be the first time he's ever REALLY been in love. With everyone else, it's been just sex, or he's been after some money. 
  • What is Debbie playing at? Will Derek return? We need to know!
  • Svetlana, Svetlana, Svetlana! Did anyone else think we'd be losing her because Mickey was out of the picture? She's one of the funniest characters on the show and the scene with the new people in town recording her was hilarious! My only gripe with her is that she's getting Mickey to kill people in prison. 
  • Chuckie being still in juvie was crazy, but then again, he probably likes it, away from his crazy mom!
  • Nick's entrance at Carl's little party made me chuckle. 
  • Where is Sheila? That RV better be on its merry way back to the South Side!

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What did you think of the season premiere? What mischief will Carl get up to? Will we see Mickey again? Hit the comments and look out for our Shameless roundtable!

Note: Shameless Season 6 Episode 2 airs January 17 at 9/8C on Showtime.

I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing Review

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