Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Major Arcana

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Clary doesn't waste any time, does she? Talk about a brazen redhead!

On Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 7, while Simon is completely freaking out about the changes happening within him, his BFF has only one thing on her mind...and it's not vampires.

Look Deeply - Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 7

Before we talk about that kiss though, let's discuss everything else.

The episode opens with Clary telling everyone that her mother hid the Mortal Cup in a deck of tarot cards for which she did the artwork.

She fears that Valentine has the deck, but after Magnus dismisses that idea, Luke informs everyone that the tarot cards are in his desk at the precinct.

He, Jace, and Clary head for the station, but before he can grab the deck out of his desk, he's accosted by an Internal Affairs cop who could easily pass for Valentine's other brother. (Izzy and Alec's dad is Valentine's brother number one.)

Luke is now, apparently, under investigation for his involvement in the Jade Wolf incident.

Clary and Jace are waiting outside, and wouldn't you know it, there are runes for everything, including binocular vision, which Jace uses to determine that Luke is in trouble. So, he and Clary go into the police station, use their invisibility runes to get into Luke's interrogation room, and find out they have to get to Luke's desk.

Clary comes up with a plan that includes slapping Jace (I'm sure she got a thrill from that), but finds out that everything in Luke's desk is now in the evidence vault. Nothing is ever simple in Clary's world, is it?

They bump into Izzy and Alec outside, and while Clary is on the phone trying to calm a frantic Simon, Jace comes up with the most fabulous plan ever. It's such a fabulous plan that he's forced to take the phone from Clary and hang up on Simon without a word. Can't let the nerd boy get in his way now, can he?

His plan calls for him and Clary to climb up an elevator shaft so they won't be seen, even though they've already been walking around the police station and have already been spotted by demons. But let's forget about that because these two future lovebirds need to be in the elevator so they can build on their sexual tension.

Wasn't it sweet when he cuddled her as he was drawing the night vision rune on her that she couldn't draw herself? I think she was just playing coy.

When Izzy succeeds at knocking the power out at the station, we get to see a glowy and gooey version of Clary and Jace. It was very odd.

Clary and Jace get into the evidence vault and find the cards, but Clary can't pull the Cup out. No surprise there. They get back to Alec and Izzy and leave the police station, but thanks to Izzy's incredible flashing demon detector necklace, they realize they are surrounded by the beasts.

And that's when it happens: the grandma demon shows up.  She looks like a kind old granny, but then her face transforms, and just as she's about to eat the suddenly frozen Clary, Jace calls her name, and in the cheesiest of the most cheesy moments of television I have ever seen, kills the little old lady demon.

Seriously, I had to rewind and watch it several times just to savor the cheesiness of that kill. I never would have guessed that a demon would respond to, "Hey, grandma."

So, to escape the crazy demons, the four of them run into a power plant where there are lots of tunnels and, apparently, shax demons, which look like a cross between the cigarette commercial monster and an overgrown grasshopper/scorpion mutation.

Jace tells them they should split up, and Clary runs off, straight into a dead end. Several of the shax demons start their slow descent upon her, but, suddenly, Clary is able to grab the cup from the card and scare off the demons. 

She runs into a shapeshifter Jace, kills him, and eventually ends up back at the Institute where she wastes no time, grabs the real Jace, and locks lips. 

It was a heart-fluttering moment. The only person whose heart didn't flutter was probably Alec, who stormed off in disgust. 

I would imagine had Simon seen it, he would have done the same thing, but he was too busy trying to come to grips with all of his odd hallucinations and behaviors.

It was a bit too much, and it hurt my brain. How many hallucinations does he need to have to convince us and himself that he's turning into a vampire. Hasn't this been going on for a couple of episodes now?

Him sleeping with Maureen and hallucinating about Clary was a bit over the top, too, as was the whole scene with his mom and sister. And what did he really expect to find on the internet or by watching the infamous Nosferatu? It was all a bit silly.

And if Camille really wanted to kill him or whatever she did to him, why did she wait until he went to the Hotel Dumort? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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Major Arcana Review

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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Izzy: I broke up with Meliorn.
Alec: Really? Turning over a new leaf?

If Valentine started creating shadowhunters or gained control of demons, it would be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur in the middle of Times Square. People would notice.