Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14 Review: Odd Man Out

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Puppies make everything better. 

I usually think Edwards is the brightest and most level headed of the residents, but she proved me wrong on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14 with her anti-puppy stance. Of course, as soon as she put an end to Jo's whining, she had me back on #TeamEdwards.

But seriously, this one was all over the map, and there was some possible (scary) foreshadowing. Shaking up the resident/attending pairings really worked out – for the docs and for us. 

Thrown For A Loop - Grey's Anatomy

So, the highly advertised "showdown" between Jo and Mer was...a bit of a let down. The best part of Jo's rant was Meredith's non-reaction reaction. Her (partially) valid points about Mer not taking her seriously at work were completely obliterated by the way she devolved into the personal.

What I really picked up on from this storyline was how Jo doesn't actually deserve Meredith's respect. And not just because of what Mer pointed out to her – that she allows herself to be treated this way – but because, professionally, she kind of sucks.

Moving to a new service spur of the moment can't be easy, but no one else was incorrectly prepping patients or going to their peers for crib notes. Even Penny, who by all means should be struggling to keep up after coming from a less strenuous program, leaves her in the dust.

Her whining to Stephanie and Penny brought back her falling out with Edwards earlier this season as well. At least Edwards has learned to stand up to her. And it was so vicariously satisfying – we all have that one friend that needs this advice. 

You talk and you *talk* about Grey, but you don't do anything to change the situation. You get ten seconds. After that, the only person you can talk to about Meredith Grey *is* Meredith Grey.

Stephanie [to Jo]

Meredith's dating conundrum is kind of cute, even if it does remind us all of how overly involved these docs are in each other's lives. But really, I am so torn with this story and the character of Thorpe.

On the one hand, I want Meredith to date. I maintain that Derek wasn't the saint he was made out to be, and their relationship really wasn't that healthy. I look forward to her finding a relationship that's a partnership, with someone who gets and respects her.

I just don't think it'll be Thorpe, so the other part of me just doesn't want to waste time becoming invested in him as a person. He's basically a rebound relationship, and I wouldn't even want her to jump into something serious right away. A nice "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" to get her ringer working again is what I'd like to see.

And then let's have Callie, Maggie, and Amelia give her a lesson in modern dating. I'd pay good money for more of that.

Maggie [to Meredith, about Thorpe]: He's called how many times now?
Callie: Oh god, just give me the phone. I'll send him a nice blow off text.
Maggie: No, not a text! She's not a monster.

One story line that did have me a little worried was Miranda and Ben. Okay, so the stuff with the accountant was really adorable. And Ben going into pediatrics or neo-natal seems like it could be a good fit. 

But the last scene between the two of them has me a little paranoid. They are the last stable couple left, and between Courtney mentioning divorce for "tax reasons," Ben's wounded pride over the taxes, and Miranda's distraction...I'm feeling nervous. 

Once a month, a rescue group brings in a bunch of puppies for the kids. It's good for morale and healing and crap.


Okay, I know that a lot of people are sick to death of April and Jackson, but I just can't ignore the most recent developments in Babygate. I understand Alex and Arizona's plotting because a) keeping that kind of secret is stressful on so many levels, b) Jackson has a right to know, and c) there are scary health issues in play.

But Arizona totally crossed the line. She really needed to have a non-workplace sit-down serious discussion with April about the baby. Why she wasn't telling Jackson? And what about possible tests? 

She at least needed to give April a clear ultimatum before spilling the secret. Maybe if she'd had a real talk with her exfriend, she would have gotten to an explanation that made sense and been able to really help April cope with her situation. 

I'm not telling him because we have been through enough. Especially him. Because he never got over the last one. He never had the chance to, and I am hanging on to every last shred of faith I have that this time, it'll be okay. But he doesn't have that. So it'll just be better if he doesn't know yet.

April [about Jackson]

Jackson is going to have a lot of questions for his ex-wife on "I Am Not Waiting Anymore," airing March 24th. I can't say I blame the guy, but I do hope that he gives her a chance to explain herself. In other overly drawn out story arcs, Meredith is apparently still just contemplating dating. 

And as predicted, Andrew is going to have second thoughts and feel uncomfortable about his relationship with Maggie after he pressed her to go public. Careful what you wish for, DeLuca. On the plus side, it looks like we'll have some (non-Jo-related) Alex focus. Is a triple organ transplant extreme enough for you all?

If you missed "Odd Man Out," remember, you can always watch Grey's Anatomy online. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode down in the comments section!

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Odd Man Out Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Maggie: Sometimes your ringer is off, and it's been off for so long, that you forget that it's off, and you need someone to help you figure out how to turn it back on. But once it's on...
Callie: Oh. Oh, that's it. Your ringer needs to be turned on. You've been on vibrate for too long.
Meredith: [groans] Shut up.

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Once a month, a rescue group brings in a bunch of puppies for the kids. It's good for morale and healing and crap.