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The Jennings have entered into a new type of warfare on The Americans Season 4 Episode 1.

Bio-weapons just became a part of the Cold War, and into that minefield our favorite Soviet spies stepped with all four feet.

Not only were they holding their first bio-weapon in their hands, it was in their home, where their daughter, Paige, knew about their activities.

Paige was suffering the after effects of learning about her parents' life, and the struggle promises to be very real for her all season.

She may not have to suffer alone, however, as her father appeared to be suffering as well.

Find out what Philip was going through on the season premiere when you watch The Americans online right here on TV Fanatic!

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Philip: I can't do anymore.
EST Man: Why?
Philip: Because I didn't need to hit him THAT much.

Look, Paige, as unusual as this is, and I am used to hearing secrets, do you think your parents might be open to coming in and talking about this?

Pastor Tim