Containment Season 1 Episode 4 Review: With Silence and Tears

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Here's the burning question in my mind after watching Containment Season 1 Episode 4

Why does no one on this show have a Southern accent except the gun-toting thieves who walk into Teresa's mom's store?

I live here, in Atlanta, so I'm a pretty good judge of a fake Southern accent. Despite the fact that there are lots and lots of transplants here, shouldn't we have at least a few non-criminal southerners on this series? 

That should be a thing, right? 

It totally should. But it isn't. So I suppose I'll just keep moving on suspending all my disbelief and pretending that a show set in the south can have exactly zero southern voices on it. (No big deal. I pretend Andrew Lincoln is Southern every time I watch The Walking Dead...)


Tonight's installment both did and didn't do much in the way of advancing the story of the cordon sanitaire. It's weird.

I called it last week that Jana would figure out a way to build a phone and call Lex. I'm sad that her two tries are seemingly over and she'll have no more ways to contact him, but I'm kind of thankful for Leo Green sending Xander into the cordon with a message for her. 

Except he sent a kid into the cordon and there's a raging virus killing just about everybody inside. 

There was no way we'd go an entire season with no one getting inside the cordon, and truthfully, I'm more concerned about the possibility of people getting out. Getting out spreads the virus to those who aren't sick. Going in?

That's your own life and maybe you have a death wish. (Or a pregnant girlfriend. Whatev.)

When Lex shot Xander and we saw him go down, I had a "OH NO HE DIDN'T" moment. Would..did he...DID HE JUST SHOOT THAT KID? And then, whew. Beanbag. 

But now that he's inside, what's next? 

He's with Teresa. Does he try to prove to her mother that he's a good guy capable of raising a child set to be born in the middle of a quarantine due to a virus that is rapidly killing everyone and for which there is no cure in sight? 

I mean, that should probably be his first priority since Mama Dearest is so dead set on the fact that these kids just can't raise a baby even in the midst of her life's work being stolen right out from under her. 

I'd kind of like to have a conversation with Teresa's mother wherein I say "do you know that people are literally dying on the sidewalks outside your store? Can you just NOT right now?" 

I get it. She's afraid for her daughter. Having a baby is life changing. But this baby is literally coming out any day now and there's no actual sign their quarantine is going to be lifted by then, so probably mom needs to get with the program and brush up on her midwifing skills, you know?

Meanwhile, at Club Med Atlanta Midtown Hospital, Jake and Katie are growing dangerously close to breaking the 4 to 6 feet rule meant to keep everyone safe. A couple more abandoned hallway chats over a Lost and Found box and they'll become Kake. (Jatie? What are we going with, people?)

It's forced and convenient and probably a little like Stockholm syndrome that they're so flirtatious and fond of one another, but I kind of like it a little. They're both a little broken and capable of understanding one another. 

And then there's Dr. Cannerts.

He's hiding something about his personal life. Maybe we'll be privy to his secrets at some point. Or maybe we'll just keep seeing more dead mice in incubators. 

If he's been searching for a virus this perfect for his whole life, why hasn't he also been thinking about what he'd do if he found it?

Come on, doc. An entire city of people if not the whole world is counting on you. (No pressure.)

MVP of the night goes to Leo Green. I like the guy. He's cocky, smart, and not afraid to get messy in order to get to the truth. Now that he's lost two of his best friends to this nightmare, we can probably expect that he'll double down on his attempts to reveal what's really going on in Atlanta.

Lex isn't far behind him. That message from Jana, coupled with the phone call, will be enough to force him to switch sides completely. After ripping up the speech Lommers prepared for him, he's already well on his way.

Let's get to it, gentlemen. We have a government conspiracy to take down.

What did you think of "With Silence and Tears"? Were you surprised that Xander made it inside the cordon? Are you pulling for Leo Green? Let's talk it out and don't forget you can watch Containment online right here!

With Silence and Tears Review

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