How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 2 Review: There Are Worse Things Than Murder

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Will Annalise ever stop scheming?

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 2, she went to extremes to make sure that the Keating 5 remained on the straight and narrow to avoid them failing out of her class. 

This paved away for one of the most compelling cases of the week yet. Irene's story really tugged at the heart. It was refreshing that she was not remorseful about murdering her husband. 

Putting Her Job on the Line - How to Get Away with Murder

She knew it was the only way out of her horrible life with him and is not apologetic for that. In her eyes, she did the only thing she could to make sure she was free from him. 

Murder is murder. What Irene did was completely wrong, but she served over 30 years for the crime. Getting parole was the next logical step. She should be respected for sticking to her guns throughout the whole process.

Poor Connor bit off more than he could chew when he got assigned to lead the case. It helped show us how good he would be at defending a client.

He was tenacious in his quest to change the opinion of the board, but he learned along the way that it's best to keep his mouth shut. 

The board wanted to hear the answers from Irene, not him, so he lost some brownie points, at least initially. The only way he could get Irene, and himself, on the same page was to reveal that he murdered someone and got away with it. 

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That was a big mistake, and Annalise heard the whole thing play out. Can you imagine the ramifications it would have held for the Keating 5 if someone else heard that conversation?

Let's just say Annalise and the others would probably find a way to kill him if he opened his mouth. The episode excelled in showing more layers to Connor's character than ever before.

However, all of the stuff with Oliver felt really awkward. It seems like Oliver thought Connor would just immediately be able to act as his close friend, but that was not the case. 

It's totally understandable that Oliver wants some time to himself, but he's not going about it in the best way. No doubt, making Connor dinner after winning the case had Connor thinking there was a chance between him and Oliver. 

That's why I'm glad Connor got out of the situation quickly. There's only so much he's going to be able to handle before he breaks down. 

Going to Michaela was the best move. Michaela may have came across as an Ice Queen in the past, but she's changed a lot throughout the past three seasons. 

The dynamics between her and Asher are great. The two of them seemed like the most mismatched couple at first, and it's clear they are the polar opposite of one another. 

Michaela being cautious about being up front about the relationship with everyone was necessary. She didn't want it to seem like she was rubbing it in Bonnie's face. 

Bonnie can be an emotional person, so it was great that she was spared the heartbreak. 

That said, I have a feeling she's not going to be best pleased when she finds out about the whole thing. Maybe she'll get Frank to do some killing for her. There's a thought!

With the Keating 5 working their way through the case, Annalise was left to fend for herself with her boss. It was not pretty. 

Shelving Annalise because of the media attention was a bold move, but the university should have known that Annalise Keating is not someone to be messed with. 

If she thinks there's any chance of her getting caught in a web of lies relating to all the murders, she would probably murder everyone who knows any sort of detail. 

Unless, of course, it comes down to her and Wes. I can't shake the feeling that she wants to serve as a mother figure to him. Asking him to move in was a big deal. 

She has the university breathing down her neck, and I doubt they would take too kindly to students moving in with their professors. Obviously, it was an impulsive move on Annalise's part, but she really needs to start thinking about the bigger picture. 

There's absolutely no way Frank would ever do anything to hurt her. That much was confirmed when he called her at the top of the hour. 

He still turned to her in his time of need, so it's really up to her to extend the olive branch. I have no idea what the heck she, Bonnie and Laurel were up to when Laurel sent him that voicemail.

I understand that it's a ploy to get him to emerge out of the woodwork, but what are they planning to do?

We know that Laurel loved him when she realized he was gone, but would she still feel the same way if he returned? That's one of the more pressing questions right now on the series. 

Also pressing: Why is Annalise giving Oliver her phone two months from now and asking him to delete everything? 

It's making me think that the whole house fire could be her faking the death of someone. Maybe Wes gets framed for Mahoney's murder and Annalise tries to find him a way out. 

We'll need to tune in to see how it all plays out from here. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Bonnie and Laurel should get drunk together more often. Their chats with each other were a little too real. 
  • Did anyone else feel bad for Connor when his friends just assumed he cheated on Oliver? That's what the old Oliver would have done. 
  • Asher speaking to the freshman class about Michaela was hilarious. She's such a private person. 
  • With Eve going full steam ahead with the Mahoney case, hopefully it means we get to see her in the flesh. 

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Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 3 airs Wednesday, October 6 on ABC.

There Are Worse Things Than Murder Review

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