The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Miles McGrath

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Mr. Kaplan is very much alive.

It seems that Red’s history with his former associate affected his normally accurate shot on The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 2. And rather than check to make sure she was truly dead, it looks like the thought of having to look at her after “killing” her must have been too much for him.

It’s definitely a major mistake that will come back to haunt Red and an interesting twist for the series.

A former friend turned enemy? Is there any other outcome after she recuperates?

Thank goodness the answer of her fate wasn’t dragged out, and while a major reveal, it was a minor part of The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 3.

“Miles McGrath” was much more focused on Red’s hunt for Alexander Kirk, or Constantine. It was good to see the blacklister of the week again played a part in the larger story, and Miles McGrath was just the right amount of peppy and psychotic to keep you interested in what he was up to.

And though he was bested by Red, in a very clever move by working with Miles’ partner, it was a bit surprising that Red didn’t shoot him dead. Instead, he simply got the information he wanted on Alexander and then handcuffed Miles to be most likely picked up by the FBI.

But might that not be the last we’ve seen of Miles?

Getting Tom involved in the heist of the CDC train was entertaining to watch, especially in him “auditioning” for the team. Even him working earlier with Liz to get the info from the FBI about Alexander and that journal really captured the two in their element. Maybe it was the music or their ability to pull off the “job,” but there was something fun about that sequence.

Plus, it’s far better to see them get involved instead of having to wait on the sidelines while Red does everything.

Though, even with all of Red’s planning and following his leads, Alexander still managed to avoid him. Guess it’s tough for Red to always win when he’s facing essentially another Red.

But it was the information about Alexander and the whole reason for the train heist that was the most intriguing.

Making Alexander out to be nothing more than a desperate dying man, at least from Red’s point of view, put a real spin on the reunion with his daughter. It would make sense that he would want her for a “genetic donation” to help him live, but was that the only reason?

It was also curious how Red mentioned that Alexander believed that Liz is his daughter, not that she actually is his daughter. I still can’t help but feel like the whole parental mystery is holding onto some twist for later.

Though, certainly Agnes being Liz’s daughter might be the perfect alternative for Alexander since he doesn’t have Liz. I’m just wondering if the team will get to Agnes before Alexander does anything to her.

At the same time, it was fantastic to get some background on Liz’s mom, and her connection to Red, including the affair. And having Liz get to watch her mother like she was there, rather than just a voiceover made it feel more personal to watch. If anything, that journal really is opening up some doors for Liz.

Red still seems to have a hard time acknowledging things when it comes to Liz or Katarina, but maybe one day, he’ll give a much more straightforward answer.

I was somewhat surprised that there wasn’t more friction between Red and Liz, especially over the faking of the death and of Alexander, but I guess the focus on getting Agnes back probably puts all other issues on the back burner.

Samar clearly still has a problem with Liz and wants to transfer (though will she actually leave the team?), but her calling up Aram for advice on it made for a fantastic look into Aram’s life outside of the office.

Turns out, Aram seems to be doing just fine with the ladies. Way to go, Aram!

Agnes and Alexander may still be out there, but it’s good to see The Blacklist Season 4 isn’t rushing things when it comes to that story. There’s sure to be something big coming up, but this hour did a nice job of continuing the story, getting all the characters involved, and providing a few reveals in the process.

Were you surprised by Alexander's plan? What did you think of Liz learning more about her mother through the journal? What is Mr. Kaplan's next move? Sound off below, and be sure to watch The Blacklist online right now!

NOTE: The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 4, "Gaia," airs Oct. 13 at 10 p.m.

Miles McGrath Review

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