Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Relationship Retreat

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It was a special two-hour episode of Ben and Lauren because apparently one hour just isn't enough. On Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 5, America's favorite Bachelor has cold feet about his upcoming wedding to Lauren and the two are forced to make tough decisions. 

Ben and Lauren: Happy? - Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

For Lauren, it's all bridesmaid dresses and color schemes. (It's obvious Lauren hasn't been through too much.)

I know my sister and there are three things that scare her to death - heights, sharks and hot pink.


For Ben, it's all doubts and worrying about expressing himself. So basically nothing has changed his since his season of The Bachelor.

Personally, I'm disappointed that there aren't any Bachelor alums in her bridal party. Does this mean her relationship with the twins is just for TV? The horror.

The couple decides to go to counseling after their wedding disagreements... with Emily and Haley and Lace and Grant?!

Nothing will fix your relationship like opening up in front of three of your ex-girlfriends! 

The only thing that's surprising is Chris Harrison isn't the therapist.

Ben and Lauren struggle to answer questions correctly about each other in a Newlywed game, but to be fair, after a season of Ben talking about being unlovable, it makes sense that she put that down as his biggest fear. Even America knows its his biggest fear!

Maybe I know you better than you know yourself.


Is Dr. Mike even a real doctor? Or did Freeform hire him to lead this therapy session and rope course?

Scream, pray, jump!


You know you have a problem when a couple from Bachelor in Paradise are more successful at communicating than you are. Remember when Lace was drunk her entire time on The Bachelor? Or when Grant's ex-girlfriend claimed he dumped her to be The Bachelorette? Ben and Lauren should be worried about their relationship.

The episode takes a dark turn when Ben starts to cry during therapy talking about being unlovable since second grade and then admitting he does not want to rush down the alter. I would say it's awkward for all of us to be watching this, but then I remember that "Grace" and the twins are in the room.

After his confession, the "therapist" (still don't think he's real) suggests Ben and Lauren get dressed up and have a fake wedding and tell each other their feelings... which makes no sense considering Ben just said he has no interest in a wedding anytime soon.

This leads Ben to say he definitely wants to postpone the wedding (set to be live on ABC) and allows us to ask again, WHY ARE THE TWINS AND GRANT/LACE THERE?

Ben and Lauren's uber driver lightens the mood and tells Ben to quit the cold feet and have "hot feet."

Ok, black people watch the show too!

Uber driver

He's definitely the MVP of this episode.

Leave it to Chris Harrison to turn his conversation with Ben and Lauren about postponing the wedding into another therapy session, and frankly, he did a better job that Dr. Mike.

Seeing the couple back at the Bachelor mansion made me more excited than ever for Nick' Vs season to start... 47 days, but who's counting?

Ben gives Lauren a new Fiat for a road trip back to Denver and the show quickly turns into a car commercial. #Sponsored 

The other Bachelor alum are going to be so jealous that they only free stuff they got are SugarBearHair gummies. 

On their romantic road trip back home, Ben tells Lauren about when he had to get surgery on his testicle and sit on a bag of peas in school for ice. It was perfect timing for him to share because Lauren was trying to eat lunch.

Did you have to tell your mom that your nut was the size of a grapefruit?


The duo stops in Vegas for the iHeartRadio musical festival to do normal couple things like a press line (where they answer a million questions about their wedding that is no longer happening), a photo shoot and watch fight at a concert from backstage.

Imagine if Ed and Toots (the elderly couple that Ben and Lauren strike up conversation with a the diner), the Uber driver and the twins had their own show. I'm thinking a cooking competition show would be best.

In past episodes of Ben and Lauren, Lauren was portrayed as a little annoying and needy, but after this two part event, I feel bad for her. She is clearly still head over heels for Ben, but Ben is still acting like America's favorite "unlovable" Bachelor.

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Relationship Retreat Review

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Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Maybe I know you better than you know yourself.


I know my sister and there are three things that scare her to death - heights, sharks and hot pink.