Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23 Review: Love Hurts

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Dear Chicago Med Writer's Room: You're killin' me.

Thank god news of a season 3 pickup came through, or Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23 would have been an infuriating cliffhanger. 

New charactesr, new romances, and a last second shooting make for a lot of loose strings left hanging.

A New Treatment - Chicago Med

How twisted is it that the shooting of Dr. Charles was the one major element I did like? If I felt less confident of his recovery, perhaps things would be different, but I don't see Oliver Platt going anywhere.

Plus, that shot was poorly aimed and didn't look like it should be fatal. He was right outside of the ED, for gods sake, and didn't even have to wait to be found. The only thing working against him is the fact that the whole damn hospital is partying it up at Keoni's.

Dun-dun-dunn - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23

It does seem a little rough that he and Robin didn't have more time to actually address their issues, but maybe they can have adjoining hospital rooms while they recover.

My disappointment only stems from the fact that because Mr. Kellogg offed himself, there's no opportunity for some huge #OneChicago crossover event to kick off the fall season for Dick Wolf's empire.

I'm willing to forgive the fact that it was completely obvious that Kellogg was going to do something so drastic from the moment we saw Maggie speak to him in the waiting room. Because even that heavy handed plotting wasn't as terrible as the romantic decisions all the characters were making.

Sharon: Are you so blinded by your fear that Robin inherited her problems from you that you won't even entertain an alternative?
Daniel: False hope, Sharon. Come on. I don't need any.
Sharon: You don't know that. Where's the Daniel who leaves no stone unturned when diagnosing a patient? Where's the Daniel who never gives up? Don't you think your own daughter deserves that much?

Get ready for a plethora of terrible portmanteau hashtags, people.

First up is #Rexton. While I don't think that Sarah and Noah have any kind of staying power, and even though Noah is the most obnoxious character by leagues, this relationship is the one that bothers me the least.

Because they might actually be good for each other. I can't think that they'll ever work out, but they're both really young and still developing in a lot of ways. Sarah's really professional and uptight, and Noah is a good times guy. They could each use a little of what the other has.

Juvenile - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23

I have no real objections to #Chopril or whatever stupid name somebody in PR decides to punish this couple with, but I honestly don't get any kind of a spark between them. She calls him "Dr. Choi" even outside of work.

The kiss on the boat was a romantic shot, but what exactly is the basis for getting these two together? Being hot and lonely isn't exactly a good foundation for a relationship.

I do think it's hilarious(ly terrible) that Noah thinks Ethan's a good financial prospect. Although I guess he won't have to pay any student loans, so that may help.

Let me just say -- Maybe Dr. Choi is no All-Pro football player, but he is one hell of a doc... with decent earning potential, I'm just saying.

Noah [to April]

Both of these doomed hookups pale in comparison to the mother of all bad relationships, #Manstead. Yes, #Manstead OG is back in play, for the stupidest of reasons.

Nat's haircut.

Don't get me wrong, it's a hella cute haircut. But as I pointed out previously, Will is reading way too much into it. And by that, I mean that whatever dude-bro wrote those scenes needs to actually speak to a woman about why she may cut her hair.

Will: Why'd she do it? Cut her hair? A woman changes her hair like that, it's a big deal, right? It means something.
Maggie: Absolutely.
Will: Yeah. So?
Maggie: Well, don't ask me.

An informal poll of women I know showed that the only men they've ever cut their hair for were under the age of five. New mom's just don't have time for blowouts or getting food detangled from their tresses. 

I know that Will acts like a toddler, but I'm pretty positive he wasn't on Nat's mind when she stopped by Supercuts on her way to the bar. 

Despite their convivial working relationship, I can't see these two working out. It's an unpopular opinion, I know. Nat's closer to being ready to seriously date than she was, but has Will really matured enough for them to be together?

Will: Hey, I never asked. Why'd you decide to cut your hair?
Nat: Time for a change.

Breaking up with a woman you've professed your love for in the middle of the work day because an old crush cut her hair and said it was time for a change is not a good sign that you've grown up. Neither is being prompted to act out of fear that your big brother may hit that.

Granted, he's not trying to take credit for other people's work anymore, or acting like an entitled jackass 100% of the time (he's down to about 45% by my estimate). 

I just have serious doubts that they can spend all day at work together and then go home and not have problems. Will as her superior also presents issues, although I'm less concerned with HR and more with the idea that he'll continue whatever tiffs arise during work back at home.

Ava - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23

In addition to the bevy of romantic developments, we were introduced to a new character, Dr. Ava Baker. She's hot, she's South African, she's smart, and I don't like her.

What's weird is I want to. The usually lovable Connor was acting like patronizing dick; the way he was behaving with her was completely condescending in a way that made my feminist hackles rise up. My instinct is to defend the sisterhood.

But, oh my god, she's unbearable. I don't want to use the word bitch, because that gets thrown around far too often when a woman tries to exercise authority, but I'm having trouble coming up with an alternative.

Ethan [after Connor presents a procedure]: The less invasive the better.
Connor: Exactly.
Ava: Excuse me, you're an emergency medicine resident, why are you even talking?

Maybe we'll find out something about her that explains her behavior; maybe she's overcompensating for all the times she's been underestimated because of her gender, or age, or gorgeous appearance. Maybe it's a cultural difference. 

It's just that right now I want her to be on the receiving end of a verbal smack-down. Why do all the residents think they can offer an opinion? Because that's how they learn.

Ava: You know, you're quite the gossip magnet. Your mother committed suicide, you drove your girlfriend crazy, and you murdered your attending, Dr. Downey.
Connor: Then you'd better watch yourself, hadn't you?
Ava: [smiles] I like dangerous men.

There was one little story I would have liked to see more of, and that was Stohl the Troll getting pranked.

I enjoyed it, but there were two disappointing details about that. Maggie gave her second piece of bad advice, and the balloons in his office weren't penises. Somebody dropped the balls on that one (okay, okay, I know, the FCC doesn't allow phalluses to be show on network TV, even in balloon form). 

I kept expecting for it to turn out that Maggie was behind at least one (if not all) of the pranks. Or at least covering up for Will or somebody else on staff. 

Prank - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23

Chicago Med will be back in the fall for it's third season, but until then, you can watch Chicago Med online

We want to hear your thoughts on the finale, so join in the conversation in the comments section below. What's the best/dumbest prank you've ever pulled? Are you behind any of the new couples, or does Med need to flatline these relationships? Will Dr. Charles survive?

Love Hurts Review

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Will: Why'd she do it? Cut her hair? A woman changes her hair like that, it's a big deal, right? It means something.
Maggie: Absolutely.
Will: Yeah. So?
Maggie: Well, don't ask me.

Ava: He's very odd. Asperger's?
Connor: Dr. Latham is a great surgeon, teacher, and friend.
Ava: Oh. Loyal. [condescendingly] That's sweet.