Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 Review: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions

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Ben McKenzie made his directorial debut on Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 with a fun hour that featured a Penguin and Ivy alliance and on its flip side, a serious Bruce getting closer to his ultimate destiny.

And the Court of Owls made an appearance too which doesn't bode well for the future of Gotham City.

Becoming Batman - Gotham Season 3 Episode 16

As expected, Penguin made a super speedy and miraculous recovery from his gunshot wound which appeared to be pretty serious, but maybe Ivy's magic plants helped heal him.

It seemed that his recovery time from almost dying in the woods took longer than this recovery, but that's Gotham for you. 

And it's okay because I'm really digging this new Ivy/Penguin alliance. 

Penguin has no idea how old Ivy really is, so while may not understand her silliness, we do. And boy does she act her age. I was a little unsure how Ivy would fit in after her growth spurt, but having her save Penguin and then work with him is perfect.

It was a little surprising to learn that Gabe wasn't loyal to Penguin. Out of everyone, I thought he'd be the lone loyal guy, but I guess when you're a bad guy, there really isn't such a thing as loyalty.

But Gabe did have a point. Still, seeing Penguin getting back to his old snarky and brutal self was great to see. As much as I wanted a Penguin/Nygma relationship (and I was pushing that hard), Penguin being gushy all the time was getting boring.

I can't wait to see what happens when Penguin returns to Gotham with his army.

Heck, I can't wait to see who he recruits for his army. Will Fish Mooney join him or is he going to have to fight her to use some of the Indian Hill inmates, because I thought they were all part of her army?

Catherine - Gotham Season 3 Episode 16

Either way, the villains are going to war and it's going be an exciting mess.

It's exactly what The Court of Owls wants to see and gives them one more reason to destroy Gotham and rebuild it.

We know the Court will not get to release its weapon whatever it or who it is. Jim isn't going to sit by and let his city be destroyed no matter how much he might be threatened by Kathryn and the others.

It's unclear if Uncle Frank was truly trying to bring the Court down. I get the feeling that he wasn't, that he made the ultimate sacrifice because The Court needed Jim more than Frank.

Frank - Gotham Season 3 Episode 16

For what purposes, though? Gotham better not make Jim into a bad guy. I won't be happy.

Bruce is on a journey of his own. He's not yet understanding what's happening to him, but it should be clear sooner or later. It didn't really hit him when the shaman told him he's being groomed to be Gotham's savior.

He's only 16 so he can't be expected to comprehend the seriousness of it.  But Bruce is mature for his age so it won't take him too long to get with the program.

The only problem is how will Alfred fit into it all. What if Alfred saves Bruce before his training is complete? I don't see Alfred being too nice to the Court once the truth comes out.

All the pieces are starting to fit together rather nicely and I can't wait to see what happens next. While Jim's and Bruce's journeys were interesting, the best part of the hour was Penguin and Ivy. They make a great team.

What did you think of "These Delicate and Dark Obsessions"? 

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These Delicate and Dark Obsessions Review

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Ivy: The fresh air will do you good.
Penguin: It smells like rotting death in here.

Judgment has passed. Gotham must fall.