Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Trent?!

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No one else is as deserving of their own credits as Trent is, and he has the blackmail folder to prove it.

The timing could not have been more perfect to bring Trent back and even though he looks to be gone for now, the lies that Rebecca told probably won't be put on the back burner this time.

During Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12, Rebecca was forced into a relationship with Trent and she convinced Paula to help her by lying about what the blackmail actually was. Meanwhile, Nathaniel realized he needs to work things out with Mona and they somehow end up taking the next step in their limited relationship.

And Beth helped Valencia see that her treatment of Josh and those are her isn't exactly fair since she is just as much of a townie as they are.

Trent Blackmails Rebecca - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Trent came back into our lives and everything made sense again.

But seriously, it didn't feel like his story was unfinished so seeing him again was more like a refreshing surprise.

Trent and Rebecca always bring something to their scenes that goes beyond their ridiculous banter, and that might be the honesty that Rebecca needs to see when it comes to who she was as a person.

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Rebecca's relationship with Trent was like looking into a mirror during her initial time in West Covina trying to get Josh to love her.

Trent may be a little more dangerous to himself and a lot more dangerous to others because of how much more attached he is with Rebecca but still ...

Trent Gets His Own Title Sequence  - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12

There is something about seeing Rebecca struggle to explain to Trent why it never works between them that cements what Rebecca was inflicting on herself and Josh during their time together. 

Obviously, though Trent's need to blackmail her is much darker than she could ever go which is why it was so shocking that he just left.

This dude broke every bone in his body and lived in the desert just so he could return to Rebecca, and now he is just realizing on his own that maybe his relationship with Rebecca isn't true love?

It can't be just me that wants Trent to come back for one last song and I'm stuck between his version of Period Sex or the Trent is Getting Ready song. Maybe both. 

We have to buy onion rings every hour just to keep the wifi going.


Nathaniel and Mona deciding that after all the lying it only makes sense to move in together was the most surprising part of the episode.

Of all the bad decisions that Nathaniel could have made, this one was the one that stood out because it was a shift for him.

From day one Nathaniel was as far from committed as a guy could be, and it made sense that his connection with Rebecca was new for him because he was specifically changing his views when it came to his relationship with her.

Now he figured out that he might need to move on and Mona has been with him for months, but it just doesn't feel this way.

Paula and Rebecca's Nickelodeon Nightmare  - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12

This has to be the result of a time jump because big changes are much harder to adjust to when the development isn't clear as day because it happened off screen. 

It doesn't help that Mona is someone we haven't seen much of so rooting for her relationship with Nathaniel is close to impossible when the audience didn't get to connect with them.

Obviously, Nathaniel and Mona's relationship won't last but things are getting serious for a quick second and it feels strange to follow.

Trent: Period sex. Period sex.
Rebecca: No, you don't get to sing that.

Valencia and Beth are a great contrast to Nathaniel and Mona because their relationship is being explored for us enough that there is more of an understanding of how and why they work so well together. 

It was also a very seamless way to bring Josh back into the mix without it feeling as if he was out of place. Through Rebecca's journey, it always felt like Josh was only truly around to be with her or near her in some sort of sense.

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Now it is finally feeling like Josh has his own experiences outside of his history with Rebecca without him taking away from her actual journey. 

Josh had relationships with other people and especially with Valencia, there was a lot shared between them.

It works well to check in on how they are doing right now and maybe having them mend their relationship while still giving Valencia her own agency now that doesn't just involve her ex.

Rebecca and All Her Cats - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12

Beth is a great person for Valencia to be with right now because of the way she helps Valencia realize her mistakes. She probably would have never managed to see how much of her own issues she was taking out on Josh unless Beth pointed it out to her.

It would still be lovely to see Beth and Valencia's relationship grow a little more so we could see how they got together.

It was also a great touch to have Beth interact with other people from Valencia's life instead of having her separate from everybody.

it is much more realistic to see a relationship that doesn't keep the people in it just boxed in together instead of interacting with the people in each other's lives.

I gotta say, for a blackmailer he is decent on consent.


What did you think of the episode?

How much did you miss Trent and how much do you wish you got to try his food before he left? What were your thoughts on other couples like Nathaniel/Mona vs Beth/Valencia? Is there anything you want to see explored in the season finale? Anything you wish not to see explored at all?

Let us know what you think below!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

We have to buy onion rings every hour just to keep the wifi going.


Trent: Period sex. Period sex.
Rebecca: No, you don't get to sing that.