Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15 Review: Old Scars, Future Hearts

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Love is in the air! 

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15 will be a memorable one for Jolex fans, but other than that, it was a "meh" installment. 

It had a similar vibe to Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 8 because of the flashbacks and background it gave us on a couple of the characters. 

Jolex Engagement

Let's talk about those flashbacks. A case involving Charlie, a young kid teen who was in love with cosplay and his equally as dorky boyfriend, led to Alex, Maggie, and Jo taking trips down memory lane. 

Maggie's uncommon surgery turned into a standard heart transplant. Of course, Charlie only agreed to it when he thought his boyfriend dumped him.

How the kid didn't see through his boyfriend's antics is beyond me. The guy loved him to pieces, and Charlie was talking about not taking a sure thing that would actually save his life because he feared the new heart wouldn't love his boyfriend the way that his heart did. 

Talk about flawed logic.  

I didn't mean it! I only broke up with him so he would take the heart and live!

Charlie's boyfriend

The trio of doctors recounted their own experiences with their crushes and first loves. First off, none of the young actors looked anything like Alex, Maggie, and Jo. I hate it when that happens. 

Alex had the toughest go of it. His first love was a girl who was visibly uncomfortable when she saw Alex's mentally ill mother having an episode. That's a normal response for anyone. The problem was that she went to a party and gossiped about him to her friends. 

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When that little b--witch started talking about how crazy Alex's mother was and that he would end up crazy too, I wanted to reach through the screen and, well, never mind that. 

Flashback Trio

She was an awful person. The behavior she displayed is usually written off as "teenagers being teenagers" but eff all of that. It's an excuse used to justify being a crappy person when there are no excuses. 

It would have been nice if his siblings were in the background somewhere. The role he played as caretaker to his mentally ill mom and his younger siblings is pivotal to who and how he is today. 

The flashbacks were a glimpse at what life was like for Alex, but the siblings would have added some extra oomph to those scenes. 

Jo's flashbacks were as expected. Jo's first crush was the guy who paid her citation for her when she was living in her car. 

You can't take her career advancements personally. She isn't abandoning you. She's not Izzie.


Jo was insecure about her position in life, and she ran away from him. I wonder what her life would have been like if she moved in with him? 

Alex's flashbacks were about the cards he was dealt in life, but Jo's flashbacks were about the path she had chosen. 

Young Maggie was just weird. I mean that in the best possible way. The girl was 50 kinds of strange, but she was adorable. 

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Maggie was always an awkward person, but a large part of that is because she never grew up with kids her own age. 

She was a child prodigy, so her social experiences were limited. It explains why she still lacks the social graces that the average person has to this day. 

Moony-eyed  - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15

A look into their past shed light on why the characters are the way they are today, or I suppose that was the show's intent. In actuality, Alex's flashbacks were the only ones that felt important, and even then, it was only barely. I guess I expected more

Understanding why Alex has abandonment issues (Izzie reinforced them when she left), and why he's drawn to chaos and "crazy," tied in with why he flipped out when Jo was applying to fellowships all over. 

If he had stopped to think about it, he would have remembered that they all applied for fellowships all over the country. 

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He was too blinded by his fear that Jo would bail on him. I suppose he had a valid reason to be concerned. Jo is free of Paul, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she took full advantage of it. Teen Jo was a runner who ran from good things. 

Alex is the first time she showed that she's capable of remaining stationary. She doesn't have to run anymore because Alex is her home. 

You are my home, and you are my heart. Alex Karev, will you marry me?


Jolex fans will rejoice at the proposal scene. Jo proposing made up for the fact that she was the one to decline last time. Their proposal scene was one of those classic lovey-dovey Grey's Anatomy moments that everyone will be talking about. 

Maybe there will be another wedding before the season is through. Who knows? 

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The other romantic couple of the hour was Jaggie, and I'm sorry to say this (not really), but they were cute. Maggie was predictably awkward when they ran into each other again. Jackson was a total dork, and I like seeing this side of him. 

Their conversation at Joe's was cute, you guys.

Can't Avoid It - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15

Jackson had an imaginary friend named Frodo! Maggie knows ASL, and she's a Potterhead who knows every scene of every Harry Potter book. I'm betting she's either a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff.

We knew Maggie was a dork, but we didn't know how much Jackson was a dork until now. The man stapled his hand because he was "undone" by Maggie earlier that day. 

The journey here was unnecessarily dragged on and painfully awkward at times, but they're cute now that we're past that part. This 'ship is not bothering me the least bit. 

Up to No Good - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15

The relationship between Tom and April is not bothering me either. In fact, their scenes were my favorite of the night. I could have watched an entire hour of Tom stripping away April's layers, and I'm not talking about her clothing. 

Tom has been an acquired taste for some, and he's such a character. It should have been obvious that he had some deep, dark issues that he had to work through. 

My heart broke for the man when he spoke about losing his 10-year-old son in a freak accident. A man who has been all about debauchery during his time on Grey's was able to have a deep discussion about faith and his relationship with God. 

Tom: God's dead.
April: No, no he's not dead. I just hate him so much that I wish he was.

April distracted him with more sex after their heavy talk, but if ever there was a person to talk to about Sam, Tom was that person. I like the idea of the two of them bonding over their pain. I loved their discussion about faith. 

April's crisis of faith arc is the best she's ever had during the series, and it's a shame that she's leaving by the end of the season. She will be leaving on a fantastic note, though. 

Sarah Drew's performance throughout has been spectacular. 

Now, we've come right back around to the other witch of the hour. 

Aunt Marie

I can empathize with Marie. Ellis screwed her over, and I do not doubt that Ellis screwed her over because when it came to working, Ellis was cutthroat and ruthless. 

What I don't agree with is Marie making Meredith pay for her mother's mistakes. You can't come to her decades after the event happened -- years after Ellis died, and then start talking about Ellis' betrayal. 

She's not alive to defend herself, and Meredith can never know her mother's side of the story. Marie wants Meredith to do something that will impact her mother's entire legacy. 

Why should she do that on Marie's word? 

I have my polymer, and I have your science. The mini-livers will be known as the Cerone method.


It's preposterous! Richard and Alex were completely correct; it's not Meredith's job to heal Marie's old wounds. 

When that woman said she would be usurping Meredith's project and making it her own, I secretly hoped Meredith would throttle her. The nerve of that woman coming with some age-old feud and expecting Ellis' daughter to pay the price for it! 

Marie is petty, vindictive, and repulsive. Who knows how Meredith will get through this one, but hopefully, she'll get the polymer out of it in the end. 

Marie's stolen idea for a stolen idea version of compensation is ludicrous. Honestly, eff "Aunt" Marie and the plane she took. 

Over to you Grey's Fanatics, any thoughts on Tom's melancholic past? Are you disgusted by Marie's motives? Jolex are officially engaged, are you happy?! Hit the comments! 

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Old Scars, Future Hearts Review

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