Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Chapter Seventy-Seven

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Let's get the looming mystery out of the way, shall we?

On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13, Xiomara uttered the words no one ever wants to hear from their loved ones: "I have breast cancer."

The reveal stung. It was only a short time earlier that Xo told both Rogelio and Jane her tumor was benign. 

Say What? - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13

Later, she admitted that Rogelio was too excited about his meeting with River Fields, and she didn't want to ruin it for him.

Of course, this changes everything for Jane, who has been guided by Xo most of her life. 

On the bright side, this is a group strong, resilient women and they have weathered many storms together -- remember when Alba got pushed down the stairs and briefly, we didn't know if it was fatal? Or when Mateo got kidnapped?

And who can forget when Michael died?  

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Yes, the latter definitely had a tragic ending, but my point is they have the backbone to get through this. And hopefully, they caught it early enough that Xiomara will be able to beat it. 

I know the show is steeped in reality, well, as much as it can be for a telenovela, but it's always so uplifting I wouldn't want it to bring our spirits down too much.

The theme of mother and daughter relationships was at the forefront of the episode as Jane realized just how thankful she is for her mother, who has been fighting in her corner ever since she was born. 

In fact, she was so inspired by the dynamic, she found motivation for her next novel. No worries; it's still a romance genre, just a different kind of romance. 

And given Xiomara's diagnosis, I imagine Jane will find much more inspiration in the coming days. 

We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about, understand?


I'm actually surprised she didn't mention it to Rafael, the only person in the family who has dealt with cancer and beat it. 

You would think that Jane would want his reassurance and some insight into the road ahead. 

Going forward, their relationship will surely strengthen as she'll be able to lean on him. The same goes for Petra, who can give her insight on what it's like to love someone who is fighting through it. 

River Fields Meets With Rogelio - Jane the Virgin

It's possible Jane didn't want to burden Rafael more as he was already in a tizzy trying to find out anything he could about his birth mother. Without Luisa, there was absolutely no way he could locate the original birth records. 

Thankfully, Jane's assignment about writing the same story from the point of view of a secondary character lead them straight to her! Luisa was hiding out in Longbourne, which is where her mother went when she was deemed crazy. 

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As we take a deeper look at mother-daughter dynamics, we're taken back to Jane the Virgin Season 1 and Jane's accidental insemination from Luisa's point-of-view. 

It's all a little redundant considering we know exactly why Luisa was so groggy that morning and that she felt guilty about it. And it doesn't change the severity of her actions. 

The good news is she's doing much better since leaving all of the toxic relationships (Rose) and all the drama with the Marbella behind. 

Who Framed Me? - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13

Don't get me wrong, Luisa is still slightly insane as she gave away all of her money, Raf's money, and the hotel shares, but the larger takeaway is that Rafael has clearly come a long way since he didn't flip out on her for leaving him broke as a joke.

If that was me, deep breaths wouldn't stand a chance! 

But if she's not the owner of the shares anymore, maybe Raf can find a way to get his hotel back? If he even still cares at this point. 

The visit also revealed that Luisa destroyed all the of the records without actually looking at them beforehand (seriously, what the hell is wrong with this girl?), but somehow, Rose knows who his parents are. 

It's definitely just a ploy to insert her back into the narrative but whatever, she's a compelling villain so I'll take it.

And since she's in prison, you know she isn't going to hand that information over without getting something in return. 

Will Rafael sell out Luisa for info on his birth parents? Is it even worth it? Maybe this is all part of Luisa's test? I can't imagine she'd willingly walk away from Rose, the only woman who ever cared about her after her mother's death. 

With Luisa all the way out in Longbourne, she's crossed off the list of suspects trying to frame Petra, thankfully! 

That mystery was actually also solved and it was definitely a little underwhelming. 

Petra's Assistant - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13

Many fans actually guessed that Krishna was trying to take her boss down and she would have been a great secondary character to explore; she has motives, she's the silent assailant and we don't really know much about her. 

But the way they handled the reveal was kind of pathetic. 

You're telling me, Krishna spent weeks trying to frame Petra and sent J.R blackmailing texts only to obey Petra's "go to my office command," jump out of a window and leave behind a note that, in part, reminds her about her dry-cleaning?

I must say, I didn't think it was possible, but you are even more beautiful without eyebrows. And really, who needs them anyway? You know they have no function.


The narrator mentioned Krishna isn't a "criminal mastermind," but honestly, you would need to have it in you to threaten a mother with Alzheimer's. And how did she know about Petra's song with Milosz?

Could Krishna have been working for someone else?

I mean, that's the only way I can see them finding a way to bring back J.R. The writers wouldn't kickstart that romance simply to have her leave for good in the next episode. 

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Petra fell hard, and it seems to me J.R didn't want to let anyone in on the severity of her feelings. 

Since Jane the Virgin is all about telenovela romances, I'd even argue that Petra deserves love more than anyone else. 

Petra Tooth Fairy  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13

Her character is such a delight, and under the defensive sarcasm and cheeky comebacks, she's really grown into someone who feels remorse and can be selfless when she wants to be.

Also, how incredible was the tooth fairy scene? I'm starting a petition for every episode to feature Petra in a fairy outfit!

We could all use a little of her magic! 

River: And you don't have a huge American following.
Rogelio: Yet... but together River, together, we are unstoppable. So come on, let me be the Nicole to your Reese, the Laverne to your Shirley, the Betty to your Joan.

While Rogelio's personal life may be suffering a setback, his professional life is flourishing as River Fields agreed to do the American version of 'Passions of Steve.' Under one condition: they would be the first co-Presidents of the United States. 

It's different, alright? 

Honestly, with so many strong women in his life, I'm surprised Rogelio wasn't more adamant about creating two-dimensional female characters on his show. 

But that's what River is for and hopefully, Rogelio won't be burning her eyebrows or getting her toes ripped off anymore. 

Be sure to watch Jane the Virgin online and share your thoughts on the episode below! 

Chapter Seventy-Seven Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about, understand?


I must say, I didn't think it was possible, but you are even more beautiful without eyebrows. And really, who needs them anyway? You know they have no function.