Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Delicate and Strangely Made

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Sometimes you just have to let it hurt, and everyone on Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6 seemed to be in pain. 

Charley and Micah were at the top of that list thanks to Davis' revelation that he'd fathered another child while still married to Charley. 

It was one thing when it was private torment, but now that the entire world knew, it added an extra layer of humiliation.

Charley and Micah - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6

Worse than that, Charley and Micah weren't talking to one another about it. They should have been leaning on each other, but Charley didn't want to burden Micah with her feelings. What she failed to realize was that doing so could have brought the two closer of them together and made this horrible situation a little less painful. 

For his part, Micah was worried about his mother but not in any hurry to share his feelings with Keke. 

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When those racist, confederate flag waving bullies harassed Micah and his friends, I feared things would end far worse than they did. I was thankful that Micah not only stood up for himself and his friends but that the entire incident didn't end with any bloodshed. 

Charley had other issues besides Davis as the Landry's threw her yet another curveball.

The Surveyors - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6

It's no great shock that Jacob Boudreaux was lying that the EPA but now Charley has to figure out exactly why the Landry's need all of their former tenants off of their farmland. 

And Charley doesn't even know that her former boyfriend, Remy, has been kissing her sister, yet.

If it's up to Nova, Charley might never know, but I can't imagine that Remy's going to let his feelings about Nova go without at least one face to face conversation. 

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When the idea of Nova and Remy as a couple first floated through my head, I was extremely hesitant, but now I'm hoping these two give a relationship a real chance. I don't know if they have a future, but I don't doubt that watching them try will be entertaining. 

Nova was also working on her book when she wasn't helping Aunt Vi bake pies.

Nova: You do remember I'm just a writer, right?
Violet: Nova Bordelon you grew up in my kitchen on my hip. I taught you everything I know.

It's taken Vi a long time to get to the point where she's not simply taking care of other people. She was raised to be a wife and a mother, and neither of those worked out for her. 

For a long time, she was merely surviving and as she pointed out to Nova, "surviving and dreaming are two different things."

But it's finally time for Violet's dreams to come true, and although she's willing to talk about all of that with Nova, she won't discuss her Lupus. 

Is Violet trying to hide her illness from the world because she fears people will see it as a weakness, or because she feels it's a private matter that doesn't need to be shared? I'm not sure.

I realized I never dreamed big enough. I didn't give myself permission.


I hope that the deal to expand Vi's Prize Pies is legitimate. Violet deserves this to go her way. 

And she's not the only one. Ralph Angel could use a little bit of luck too.

It was great to see his date with Trinh go so well. Although the two come from different cultures, their loyalty to their families gives them a lot in common. 

But his momentary happiness was short-lived when he found what was waiting for him back home.

Darla Stands Up to Ralph Angel - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6

Neither Ralph Angel nor Darla was necessarily wrong. Ralph Angel wanted to give Benny a chance to get back on track once he got out of prison. That was admirable. 

Unfortunately, Benny took advantage of his kindness. Who was Benny kidding? His friends didn't just show up and start playing cards and drinking. Benny most likely invited them over because he knew Ralph Angel wasn't going to be home. What he didn't expect was Darla.

Darla had every reason to be furious about the crowd her son was being exposed to, and I was proud of her for not hesitating to stand up to them and kick them out.

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It was the inevitable fight that followed that was painful. 

Things have been tense between Darla and Ralph Angel, but they've been working things out day by day. 

No matter what Darla has done, as long as she's clean, she has every right to be a mother to her son. 

I'm assuming that her parents are helping her pay for her new home in St. Josephine and it wouldn't surprise me if they'd foot the bill for an attorney to draw up a joint custody agreement between her and Ralph Angel. I just don't know if drawing up more explicit rules will make things better or worse. 

Blue Is Upset - Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6

It was difficult not to feel sympathy for Ralph Angel. He's juggling the farm, the second job, and trying to raise his son. He certainly lost his temper with both Darla and Blue, but hearing Blue say he wanted to go back to Darla's home had to hurt. 

So do you think that Darla and Ralph Angel are heading towards a custody fight?

Will Violet's deal for her pies be everything she's dreamed?

Can Charley figure out what the Landry's are up to or will she be the one who gets played?

And are you rooting for or against Remy and Nova?

Check back for my next review of Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 7, and until then, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic. 

Delicate and Strangely Made Review

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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Violet: Mama raised me to be a wife and mother. I thought that's what I was supposed to do but it just wasn't me. I wanted my own dream.
Nova: What was it?
Violet: That was the problem. I didn't know at the time.

Nova: You do remember I'm just a writer, right?
Violet: Nova Bordelon you grew up in my kitchen on my hip. I taught you everything I know.