Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Jackpot

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Can we all breathe a sigh of relief?

Shawn Hatosy made his directorial debut with Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11 and delivered the series' best and most intense episode to date.

My mind is still blown -- but at least I'm breathing again.

Pope's Last Hurrah - Vertical - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11

"Jackpot" could have been Pope's swan song, but lucky for us, Lucy has a heart, and Pope is still alive.

The only logical reason she didn't put a bullet in his head was that she loved Baz, and Baz loved Pope -- and the fact that she's not crazy like Smurf.

But I have to wonder if she would have known Pope killed Catherine, would she have been so generous?

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Still, it's not over between Smurf and Lucy. Now that Lucy knows that Smurf had Baz killed, she's going to want to seek some kind of revenge. There's no doubt that Pope will want to go along for the ride.

Pope and Lucy will reconnect. He may not be happy at what she did, but he had to have understood what she felt after Marco was killed.

Four grown men here, and I'm the only one with a pair of balls.


And there's always the chance that Pope and Lucy talked because if she were going to kill him, she would have done it in the desert. There's something fishy about how he ended up with Lucy.

They didn't plan for the shootout, but they could be working together even if he did end up confronting her about lying about the money. 

As disappointed as I was in Pope for running to mommy on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10, he's not going to be able to forgive Smurf for killing Baz. He may end up breaking free of her grasp after all.

A Surprise Job - Animal Kingdom

Pope is going to gather up Craig and Deran (and maybe J) and tell them everything. None of them are going to be happy when they learn the truth. 

Deran already hates Smurf, and Craig isn't too keen on his mother right now for putting them in the situation she did at the warehouse.

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Off the Tit

It will cross their minds that if Smurf could kill Baz, what will prevent her from killing any of them when the mood strikes?

They're going to remember what Baz told them about the money and how Smurf hid it from them all. They're going to look at the deal she made with Pete behind their backs to kidnap Marco, and then they're going to start recounting every other betrayal she might have made in their entire lifetime.

Smurf is about to become the Cody boys' enemy number one.

With Baz gone, you have all of mommy's attention to yourself, you piece of shit.


And J is about to become a close second.

J didn't have to save Smurf the way he did when the shootout happened. Why he saved her when he could have just let her get shot is curious. He was completely convinced that Smurf hoped he'd get killed by Lucy or his men, so that's why his decision to save her is so mind-boggling.

Maybe he wanted to keep her alive because whatever plan he has brewing in that sharp mind of his would be pointless if she was dead.

Smurf isn't going to forget what he did, and she's going to make sure that the others know that she's still alive because of J. This is going to put J in a predicament because the others already don't trust him.

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The only uncle that halfway believes in him is Pope (who I still think is J's real father), but if Pope even gets an inkling of an idea that J somehow was working with Smurf to kill Baz, it's all over for him.

Smurf Makes a Deal - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11

And if you think about it, that line of thinking makes complete sense. With Baz out of the way, J was able to take over the family finances. Why did Smurf trust J with everything and not one of the others? What kind of deal did J make with Smurf? Is he getting something extra on the side for helping her out while she was in prison?

Can you hear Deran and Craig saying that?

Smurf: Yes.
Lucy: Yes, what?
Smurf: I had Baz killed.

As much as J is depending on Mia, she's going to be a liability. I'm pretty sure it was Mia who shot Baz, and when the others find out (and they will), J better run for his life.

It wouldn't be surprising if Smurf lies and tells the others that J had everything to do with killing Baz. J is right in thinking that Smurf wants him dead, and with Smurf's amazing ability to manipulate, she'll do anything to try to get herself off the hook.

The final two episodes of Animal Kingdom Season 3 are going to be intense. Who's going to end up on top? J? His uncles? Smurf?

Before I go, did anyone else notice the absolute look of hatred on J's face when Craig was yelling at him? I bet J hasn't forgotten about Nicky and blames Craig for her downfall. 

Over to you!

What's your prediction for how the season will end? Will J get blamed for killing Baz?

Will Lucy end up working with the Cody boys to take down Smurf?

Have we seen the last of Lucy?

Who will survive, and who will die?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Craig: You kidnapped Marco?
Smurf: I did what I had to do.

I've always done what I thought was best for the family. I know it hasn't always been popular, but it has always been the right thing to do.