Quantico Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Who Are You?

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And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the very last episode of Quantico.

On Quantico Season 3 Episode 13, the emotions are running high as the team battled Conor Devlin one last time. As far as final showdowns go, this one did the season-long vendetta justice.

Devlin proved that he is not one to mess around with, as evident by him murdering Andrea while he was pleading for Isabella's life. This was completely unexpected and shocking.

Making It Out Alive - Quantico

Andrea's death was a reminder of how high the stakes are. It was done for shock value; there's no doubt about that, and it also gave Alex a way to end the series with a family, but we'll talk about that later.

Before his death, Andrea delivered some savage blows to Alex, but who can blame him? He really got the raw end of the deal in all of this.

Andrea and Alex's reunion made the finale even more emotional. Was anyone else on Andrea's side on all of this? 

Jocelyn: You memorized the entire book?
Alex: Know your enemy like you know yourself. Chapter three.

He had to learn the extremely hard way that the woman he loved was not who she said she was. The only crime he committed was falling in love with Alex Parrish.

It may have taken a minute to get used to this new version of Quantico, but once we did, we enjoyed the ride.

One thing Quantico Season 3 did exceptionally well was to show the team putting the pieces together. We watched them put their profiling skills to use, and we saw them come to conclusions.

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One of the more controversial parts of Quantico Season 3 is Ryan and Shelby.

Their relationship came out of nowhere, and we never learned how, why, or when the two of them got together. The best part about it is that it meant that Alex and Ryan were done, well aside from that Alex and Ryan kiss on Quantico Season 3 Episode 2.

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Still, Shelby's concern completely sold it. There's no doubt that she loves him completely, and it's difficult not to get choked up watching her as she ran to Ryan's unconscious body.

Ryan and Shelby still don't make a lot of sense as a couple, but "Who Are You?" has been the only episode that I found myself caring about them.

Okay, let's talk about that ending.

Ryan: They're civilians. My life isn't worth more than theirs.
Shelby: Your life is worth everything to me.

It's pretty safe to say that no one expected Quantico to end in that way. Then again, this season hasn't been what anyone expected, so perhaps in that way, it's fitting.

Ryan's fate is left up in the air. Medically, it looked like he would pull through just fine, but we don't see any sign of him coming out of that coma. Would it be too much trouble to see him stir or something?

Then, Alex decided to bring Isabella back to America with her. As soon as Andrea died, it was obvious this was where things were going as soon as Andrea died.

Shelby: Alex, can I give you some advice.
Alex: Sure.
Shelby: This, truly loving someone, is worth everything. You've always run from it, but as your best friend, I am telling you, stop running.

Alex gets her family, which is something she struggled with throughout the season. It is a fitting ending for her, but doesn't Isabella have any family in Italy?

It feels like something you should look into before taking a child to America. Isabella is going to have to get used to calling Alex by her actual name and not Parvati.

At some point, she's going to realize what happened to her father. It's surprising she didn't start screaming when the gunshots happened. Do you think Alex is the right person to care for Isabella?

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Thankfully, the series didn't end with Alex running into Mike's arms. It was nice to see her go to Isabella, focusing on a different kind of love.

A lot of the series has been about Ryan and Alex and their romance. By having Alex fade out with Isabella, it shows some real growth on her part.

Of course, there's still the implication that Mike and Alex will be in each other's lives, but that's expected, honestly.

Andrea: Your job is hunting demons.
Alex: Yes.
Andrea: And how long can you hunt demons before you turn into one yourself?

It's interesting that the finale ended without a mention of what's to come for everyone, career-wise. 

There's no mention of whether or not Alex will give up her job as an FBI agent in order to be a mom to Isabella.

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Alex's job has been a huge part of her story on the show, and you'd think it would be something she would have to think about upon deciding to care for Isabella.

If Quantico Season 3 Episode 1 proved anything, it's that Alex can never escape her past as an agent.

Personally, I think she continued her job as an FBI agent. What do you think?

I'm thinking about when we all first met at Quantico. We were such kids. None of us knew who we were yet. We thought we did, but we didn't. And nothing turned out the way we expected.


What did you think of the series finale? Did it do the series justice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Mike: You don't have to push people away.
Alex: Everyone who comes close to me gets hurt. I'm just giving you a chance to avoid being one of them.

You really think this is going to be a simple search and rescue? Nothing about Conor Devlin is simple.