Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Trust

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Intelligence keeps getting bogged down with scandal after scandal. 

It's amazing they still have the manpower to get anything done.

First, Olinsky died, then Antonio had a drug problem and his daughter was kidnapped, then Ruzek took the fall for Antonio, and now, Atwater got shot! 

Reconsidering their decision - tall  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11

They just cannot catch a break. 

And that wasn't even the craziest thing to happen on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11.

On several occasions, Halstead reminded us that this is Chicago, a place fueled by corrupt politics and shady campaigns.

When a well-known defense attorney, Hoffman, was shot and killed in his home, Voight was surprised to find out Mayoral candidate and Superintendent of Police, Kelton, was the prime suspect. 

Now, if you're an avid Chicago PD Fanatic like I am, you're probably able to sniff out the suspect within a few minutes of each episode. 

Chicago politics never disappoints.


As Kelton and Brennan exchanged dubious glances, and Kelton became too invested with getting updates on the case, it was clear that he was involved in some way. 

And man, he's such a hypocrite! 

The definition of hypocritical is standing on a podium exclaiming that as Mayor, you won't be getting into bed with gangs all while being in bed with gangs to score more votes from the South Side. 

I couldn't help but wonder how an intelligent man like Kelton could pride Voight on being "the best of the best" during his event and then seriously assume that Voight wouldn't put all the pieces together and connect Griffin to him. 

Maybe he hoped he could just get away with is because of his high profile. But don't worry, he'll get what's coming sooner or later. 

Voice of Reason - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11

Admittedly, Brennan was a bit of a surprise, but it was a logical way to bring her back into the fold and reignite her rigid relationship with Voight. 

Plus, we knew there would come a time where she would ask Voight to return the favor for helping out Olinsky. 

This put Voight in a rather difficult position by the end as he wanted to do the right thing and nail Kelton and Brennan for putting Atwater's life in danger, but he also owed her. 

Jay interjected as the voice of reason reminding Voight that this would be a long game, which also teased our brand new story arc. 

I don't doubt Voight could take them both down, but Brennan made a good point about Voight being the epitome of crossing the line and looking the other way.

We all know Voight operates on a "favor" basis. If he makes too many enemies, he won't have enough people in top positions to grant him said favors. 

Perhaps looking the other way on Kelton could be the ammo he needs to free Ruzek from COPA's grip. 

The COPA situation is looming in the background, but aside from a loud altercation with Voight about knowing his place in "his unit," Ruzek didn't seem all too phased by it. 

Long Game - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11

Surprisingly, in the midst of it all, he was able to carry on with his job.

It was probably a good thing since with such a crooked case merging gangs and politics into one, Voight needed all hands on deck. 

Consistency in story progression has never been a strong suit for Chicago PD. 

It was disappointing that they didn't address the feelings that were exchanged between Upton and Ruzek in a heated moment on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 10.  

But based on her denial to grab a drink with Ruzek, it seems that Upton may be distancing herself from the relationship.

Kelton: Do you have a lead suspect, Sgt.?
Voight: Like I told you, sir, we're working the case.
Kelton: You're playing a dangerous game here.
Voight: So are you.

Is this why there seemed to be way more Burgess and Ruzek scenes?

I also noticed some really offbeat camera angles that continuously kept throwing me off from the usual Chicago PD vibe. 

Did anyone notice that awkward zoom in on Halstead in one scene? 

Voight may want to "take the heat and the bullets" for his unit, but seeing them rally together and have each other's backs is what makes them impenetrable.   

On Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 10, we were gifted with a touching scene between Ruzek and Platt. 

Not Fatal - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11

Platt continued to be the mother hen who cares so much about her "tribe" when she visited Atwater in the hospital. 

At this point, she just may be my favorite character. 

Atwater gave us a bit of a scare when he was gunned down, but there's nothing he can't bounce back from. 

I'll admit, seeing him fade out of consciousness after he was shot was hard to watch. 

Voight: You crossed a line.
Brennan: You wanna lecture me about crossing a line, Hank? This is our line of business. Sometimes we do things we're not proud of. You know that better than anyone.

All in all, Atwater deserves better. He's always involved in the worst storylines, it's almost like the writers don't want anyone to be happy. 

The same goes for Halstead. In a preview for Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 12, he becomes the lead suspect in a murder investigation. Seriously?

Is there no way to create conflict and personalize storylines without throwing the characters under the bus each time?

I'm starting to think that Voight's reputation is rubbing off on the rest of Intelligence and they are being punished for their loyalty.

Antonio returned to work but it seemed a bit premature. He was easily aggravated which seemed to be a symptom of withdrawal. 

Whatever transpired in rehab, it gave him some serious confidence to jump off fire escapes and directly onto cars as if he's some caped crusader of Chicago. 

Tough Love - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 11

Chill out, dude. 

Stuffing the pills in behind his vest raised a few eyebrows including Burgess', but I'm glad she was there with her tough love to make sure he didn't hang onto them. 

There's a possibility he was going to do the right thing and turn those drugs in, but why even tempt yourself?

We don't need him to re-lapse before making a full comeback. 

In my Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 10 review, I mentioned that it was unlike Antonio to allow someone to take the fall for him. 

I'm glad he came to his senses and told Voight he couldn't let Ruzek ruin his career. Sure, it may have been too late at this point, but at least now we know that Antonio's heart is still in the right place. 

What did you think of the episode? 

Share your thoughts and theories with me in the comments below! 

And don't forget that you can watch Chicago PD online to make sure you're caught up with all things Intelligence. 

Trust Review

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