Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3 Review: You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson

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Excuse me, but did that just happen?

Boomer has been the central villain since this series inception, and it didn’t seem like he was ever going to leave us, or the ladies, alone.

But something remarkable happened on Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3.

Moonlighting Beth - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3

Mary Pat ended up being the woman to do the one thing the ladies couldn’t quite accomplish.

SPOILER ALERT! Leslie “Boomer” Peterson is dead.

Everything leading up to Boomer’s death becomes a blur in contrast to the latter half of the episode.

After the ladies failed at another attempt to kill Boomer, things were looking pretty grim. That is until they realized that Mary Pat was the key to finding Boomer’s whereabouts.

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Boomer lived his life despicably. And even in his final moments, he was a disgusting creature who asserted his power over those he perceived to be weaker than him. 

Making Dinner - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3

He was forcing Mary Pat to marry him and yet was still delusional enough to think she owed him some kind of loyalty and respect.

There is no respecting a man like Boomer, and Mary Pat was well within her rights to tell him off. 

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But bruising Boomer's ego only led him to lash out it a more horrific manner. 

The image of Mary Pat in a daze on the floor, pantless and alone, was haunting.

To then have her son come to her with such innocence, forcing her to slap on the face and voice of a person who was perfectly fine and in the mood for pancakes, was devastating. 

Every episode of Good Girls includes laugh-out-loud moments, but I don't think they get enough credit for the emotional beats they continue to knock out of the park. 

Here is a woman that has been to hell and back, and while she hasn't been perfect, she's first and foremost trying to do the best she can for her family. 

Mary Pat: What are you gonna do? I mean, when you find him.
Beth: We're going to make sure he can't ever bully us again.
Mary Pat: You know what? I think you should kill him.

From the opening sequence, we knew the kill Boomer plan was still on but it was starting to feel like it was destined to fail.

So, when Mary Pat runs him over with her car, it's a genuinely shocking moment.

As is the subsequent retell to Beth, Ruby, and Annie. 

Shocked Ruby - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3

Her stoic storytelling technique and the ladies' increasingly horrified reactions was a scene to behold.

Ruby especially goes through about thirty emotions and they're all present on her face. 

Getting rid of Boomer's body naturally proves to be an incredibly awful experience for a number of reasons.

The horrendous sound of the body sloshing around in the trunk of a minivan might be the worst of them all!

Is that something you've ever seen onscreen before?

The whole scene was simultaneously disgusting and oddly funny, if only for the ladies and their pure disgust. 

It was understandable why they decided to pick a random back-alley dumpster miles and miles away from their homes to stash the bodies.

But the whole time they were slowly dragging that body, it was hard not to be worried that someone was going to see them. 

Thus far, they seem to be in the clear, although it's only a matter of time before they find Boomer's phone in that random lake. 

The lake scene is dramatic, but it's hard to know if it lands as emotionally as it's meant to. That will be for the audience to decide. 

Is it sad to hear the many voicemails Marion has left for Boomer? Of course.

And it's sad to think of her pain, as seemingly the one person in this world he cared for. 

Confused Annie - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3

But it wasn't that gutwrenching moment, even with Annie's tears. 

Moving forward, it feels like we are poised to have Agent Turner on the ladies case for the robberies and now Boomer's disappearance. 

Mary Pat's visit to his office seems like it was probably planned in conjunction with the ladies as a means to begin to cover everyone's tracks.

But Agent Turner is always suspicious and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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The robbery was one thing to live with and internally deal with on an everyday basis, but this is something else entirely.

Ruby's admission to Sam about the same day loan, was a way to rid herself of some guilt, even if it was just a tiny fraction. 

Fully Loaded - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3

Annie's talk with Sadie functioned as the same thing. 

But is there ever a way to rid yourself of something like this?

Considering how fast things move in this world, there may not be much time to dive into the psychological effects this has on everyone, but it would be a powerful thing to explore. 

Odds and Ends

  • Allison Tollman was the MVP this week. She plays Mary Pat with such conviction, that even when she's getting on your nerves, you still feel for her. This character could easily be one-note, but she's much more than that, thanks to the writing and Allison Tollman's performance. 
  • We got some new Rio facts! He's a dad who likes to teach life lessons, plus he plays tennis! 
  • Why didn't Beth take a full shower before she laid in bed with Kenny? 
  • When Ruby was looking at Boomer's Facebook on the family computer, I wanted to scream! When he shows up missing, did she not think Stan would remember?
  • The entire exchange between the ladies at the motel was one of the funniest scenes of the series.

Well, with Leslie Peterson now gone, feel free to eulogize him down below!

And let me know what else you thought about this week's installment.

Where does the story go from here?

What will Rio want them to do next?

Make sure to watch Good Girls online right now so you can join the conversation.

Leave your comments on all things Good Girls below!

You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Rio: Be a boss bitch.
Beth: How?
Rio: I don't know. Root him out. You on Facebook?

Playground don't get easier, right? Mine as well learn now.

Rio [to Beth]