Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Five Spies and a Baby

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It's official; the spy team is a family. 

It's not a real family situation until you embark on a road trip together or in the case of Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 6, you hide away in an RV with a baby while taking down a criminal human and baby trafficking ring. 

You know, just more fun Whiskey Cavalier shenanigans. 

A Set of Besties - Tall - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

The hour was everything you could expect from such an exciting and campy show when they added something magical to the equation and that magic came in the form of a tiny human. 

The most surprising part of the ordeal is how nearly everyone involved loves babies.

I would have put money down that Frankie was not a baby person, but not only is she one, but she dreamt about having a girl. Frankie Trowbridge is a girly girl. Who'd have guessed?! 

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While we're on the topic of Frankie, we should delve into how her personality and characterization is enough to give a person whiplash.

It's difficult to keep up with which version of Frankie we'll get next with each installment. 

Frankie's Unimpressed  - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

The timeline of this series is hard to pinpoint. How long has the team been working together?

They have worked out most of their kinks and grown closer, but something about their interactions during this installment felt as if we missed something. 

Frankie and Susan had instant mutual respect for one another since before they met in person, but they came across as actual best friends during this installment.

It's far from a complaint since their jokes about killing an ex-spouse and his fiancee (Susan) and hiding the bodes since that is what real friends do (Frankie) was delightful, but when did they get to that point? 

Susan: You know I ran into my ex-husband last week. He's actually a good guy, but he was with his new fiancee and I swear it took every ounce of self-control I had not to shoot both of them.
Frankie: You should've. I would have cleaned up the bodies for you.

Susan also doled out a heaping dose of advice to Frankie regarding Will, and Frankie was receptive to it, including acknowledging she has feelings for him, in a way that was unexpected and uncharacteristic. 

It was a similar situation with the Standish and Jai dynamic

That went from a begrudging and burgeoning bromance to one where a notoriously shut off Jai had a genuine moment of vulnerability about his fear of being a terrible father due to his quirks and personality.

Again, it was a fantastic moment -- one of the best of the hour without a doubt -- but when did they get to that point? 

Jai Doesn't Do Babies

Perhaps it was while Jai (or someone) was training Standish on how to use a gun. 

Another indicator of time passing was the relationship between Will and Emma.

In however long they've been together, the pair has blossomed into a serious relationship.

Emma flies into town to spend time with Will on his birthday weekend and gives him a perfect and meaningful gift with the help of his former best friend. 

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Will and Emma are a perfect match for one another. She is almost a female version of Will; she's mature, understands the nature of his job, and they're happy with one another. 

Agents at Large - Tall  - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 2

Will's fears of her spending too much time with Ray while he was away on an unsanctioned mission and having a repeat of the Gigi situation was unwarranted.

Ray is consistent and genuine in wanting to repair their friendship, and Will should've had more faith in Emma. 

It was a refreshing change of pace and a bit masochistic to have Frankie be the one to advise him through his relationship fears instead of Susan.

It reaffirmed how the team has gotten closer, and it freed Susan from being relegated to emotional support for Will. 

You stole his girlfriend, broke his heart, and now he pretty much wants you dead. I'm on the fence.


We saw a darker side of Will who snapped at Frankie when his insecurities and worry got the best of him, but we mostly saw a fun, playful, sensitive and open side of Frankie we don't usually see.

She has some feelings for Will, but she was right there helping him make sense of things with Emma even though it's not her area of expertise, as Will pointed out. 

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The familial vibes were strong throughout this installment. From the RV excursion (the National Lampoon's Vacation music in another language was brilliance!) to the "pass the baby" chore chart, to the campfire toast to Will's birthday, the hour oozed family fun time. 

It was so like the gang to embark on an unsanctioned mission because of a cute baby.

Leave it to Standish to call it as he saw it. Vlad as the law running a trafficking crime organization was a fun take; who do you go to when the law is the criminal? 

Diaper Duty

Baby Will was one of the many who were being trafficked by Vlad's organization. It's hard to imagine even Vlad or his men getting to baby Will when his mother was such a spitfire. 

However, if she went up against Martina, then it was slightly understandable.

Martina was the ultimate badass, and damn did she look good kicking all kinds of ass. Her entire aesthetic from the braids to the silver chain and all-black screamed badass, and I loved it. 

Wait, if it was an ugly baby would we still be doing this?


I also loved the fact that Marika Domińczyk (Scott Foley's wife) guest-starred in a role which was likable compared to her stint on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 playing the insufferable Eliza Minnick.

The reveal that Martina was an undercover spy with the CIA was a surprise. She did a fantastic job as selling herself as a kickass, ruthless mercenary with the best fight moves out of everyone. 

I would like lessons as the knee chokehold she put on Jai was particularly impressive, and she tumbled off buildings like a Parkour expert. 

Run Martina Run!

She and Frankie have a similar style, and it's no wonder the two took to each other shortly after they realized she was a Company woman. Whiskey Cavalier has some of the best guest-stars, in addition to great fight sequences and music. 

I wonder if we'll get to see her again? 

Additional Notes: 

  • Standish fired his weapon and had his first kill. Will they make a big thing out of that? He seemed fine, but you never know with him. 
  • Jai is hot on Standish's tail as one of the funniest, most endearing characters. He was so vulnerable when he spoke about him being so particular making him a crappy dad. I wanted to hug him, and I loved how Standish reassured him. 
  • Jai went from being put off by all things baby-related to needing to say goodbye to baby Will. Progress, people! 
  • Standish was the absolute best with the baby, and I could not stop laughing. 
  • They sometimes struggle to find something to do with Ray, and the scenes with Ray and Emma felt pointless and were uninteresting. 

Over to you, Whiskey Cavalier Fanatics.

Did you adore the spies with a baby hijinks?

Is the timeframe throwing you off?

Did you enjoy this fun version of Frankie? 

Hit the comments below and tell us what you think. 

If you need a hearty laugh and some feel-good fun, you can watch Whiskey Cavalier online her via TV Fanatic. 

Five Spies and a Baby Review

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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Susan: You know I ran into my ex-husband last week. He's actually a good guy, but he was with his new fiancee and I swear it took every ounce of self-control I had not to shoot both of them.
Frankie: You should've. I would have cleaned up the bodies for you.

You stole his girlfriend, broke his heart, and now he pretty much wants you dead. I'm on the fence.