Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22 Review: Something Blue

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Finally! After a whole season of rooting for Eddie and Jamie to work through their differences and make it to the altar, the couple tied the knot.

Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22 addressed Eddie's fear of becoming consumed by the large yet close-knit Reagan family after a work conflict with Erin nearly derailed everything.

The toasts at the rehearsal dinner were lovely and Eddie's trip down the aisle with Frank was emotional. But was it too much to ask to see the ceremony?

(TALL) Jamie and Eddie's Wedding Day - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

Blue Bloods Season 10 better pick up where this left off! Jamko fans have waited far too long to get only a glimpse of the nuptials.

After being cheated out of an on-screen proposal on Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 22, fans might revolt if the rest of the wedding is offscreen.

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Whether or not Erin is a hardass with everyone, I thought she could have handled the discrepancy between Eddie's report and the witness' statement better.

Erin Celebrates - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

Sure, she had to find out who was telling the truth, but a good interrogator asks questions in a way that is likely to elicit the responses she wants.

Since Eddie is family and has proven before to be uber-sensitive to negative remarks, starting off by implying she was a liar wasn't the best idea.

Erin: Eddie, when I am in this office, I only take one side: the truth.

Objectivity doesn't mean being hard on people when that's going to make them shut down and you need them to talk!

Neither Erin nor Frank seems to have ever learned that, but it's true.

Coming at Eddie that way only made sense if Erin thought she was the liar and wanted to stop Jamie from making a mistake by interfering in the relationship.

The Proud Father - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

Yet that didn't appear to be what Erin was after at all. She was just shaking her to see what came out. So why not use a gentler touch and then corroborate her story with whatever partner she had at the time of the incident?

Sid: Chain of command.
Baker: Excuse me?
Sid: Chain of command. I'm a lieutenant. Anything that goes to the boss has to go through me first.
Garett: Actually, it goes through me.
Sid: You're a civilian.
Garett: Here we go again.

I enjoyed the workplace drama subplot.

Frank's stories don't often involve anything lighthearted, so it was fun to see him deal with office politics and the inevitable inability of his staff to do one another's jobs.

Frank was right, too. If his inner circle couldn't get along, he couldn't run the police department effectively. And they were all being immature because of their own hurt egos and fears of not being good enough.

You're all fired. If my inner circle cannot collaborate, I will find people who can. Personal feuds have no place in this building. Now that's my Plan B. Anyone want to hear Plan A?


Fortunately, Frank's ploy to get them to see it worked, and made for some strong comic relief in the meantime.

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I laughed hard at the entire sequence of nobody being able to function in someone else's position even though it was utterly predictable.

I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to Danny's case this time.

It was a standard Danny/Maria case, complete with a trip to Erin's office and the cops catching the murderer after a struggle.

The Men Celebrate - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

Maria imitating Erin was the best part of this. She had everything down from the intonation to Erin's insistence on adhering exactly to the standard of evidence.

I guess that Maria thinking the person in custody was guilty while Danny thought she was innocent was supposed to be a role reversal, but I didn't particularly care about it.

Maria: Danny's having doubts.
Erin: Doubts? Why?
Maria: Because when we arrested her she swore up and down she's not guilty.
Erin: Don't they all?
Maria: That's what I said.
Erin: What am I missing here? What's different about this one?
Danny: I believed her, that's what.

Erin was right that most arrestees claim innocence, and it wasn't clear what led Danny to believe otherwise. Maybe that psychic is rubbing off on him after all!

The real killer not being on the radar until shortly before her arrest annoyed me.

I don't like when killers come out of nowhere near the end of an episode. It always feels to me like the writers realized all of a sudden that they're about to run out of time and tack something on to wrap up the story.

Frank Toasts - Blue Bloods  Season 9 Episode 22

This one was better than most since at least there was a reason the perp escaped police attention until now. The cops were focused on their original suspect and hadn't tracked the victim's movements outside of his association with that suspect.

Of course, that doesn't say much for the cops. Tracking the victim's movements and figuring out who all the suspects are is a basic step that investigators should take without being told.

Lena's Toast - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 22

And finally... the toasts!

Lena's toast suited her personality perfectly. After hearing it, I can't wait for her to invite herself to some Reagan family dinners.

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I suspect that might happen anyway on Blue Bloods Season 10 since Frank suggested to Jamie that he meet Eddie halfway by insisting his family adjust to Eddie's.

Eddie With The Dog - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 20

My favorite part of the rehearsal dinner wasn't either of the speeches, though. It was Jack asking why Lena calls Eddie by her full name, Edeet.

That's a question that's probably been on a lot of viewers' minds, and the answer, delivered in typical obnoxious Danny fashion, made sense: it's Hungarian.

In addition, Lena seems to have a penchant for calling people by their full names, since she also insisted on calling Jamie by his.

Your turn, Blue Blood fanatics!

Did you enjoy what little there was of Jamie and Eddie's wedding, or did you want more Jamko moments?

Who had the better rehearsal dinner speech: Lena or Frank?

And was Erin right to treat Eddie the way she did?

Watch Blue Bloods online and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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