The Resident Season 2 Episode 23 Review: The Unbefriended

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Kyle came through for the Nevin girls, but at what cost?

The situation with Jessie, Kyle, and Nic played out as many of us expected with the cliffhanger for The Resident Season 2 Episode 23 being: who died?

Conrad found himself in a position all too familiar, and if I never see Matt Czuchry putting in the work emulating a man determined to beat the life back into somebody again, I'll be OK, but I imagine we'll see the same sight many times over in the multiple seasons of The Resident ahead of us.

Don't Go Breakin Our Hearts - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

I do wish the promos didn't give away most of what we could expect from the hour.

Conrad enlisting the help of his father via his father's private investigator to track down Kyle was quintessential Conrad, and no matter how tense Nic's conversation with her father by the lake went, we knew the result.

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Aside from his feelings about Jessie's addiction, fear is what held him back from donating his kidney. He was afraid of the process and afraid of dying.

Daddy's Back Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

Sometimes it's surprising when there are parents who wouldn't give their lives for their kids -- loved ones who wouldn't risk it all for the people they love. Kyle, in short terms, was a coward, and his cowardice and self-preservation almost outweighed his love for his daughters.

The realization that Jessie's heart failure meant she had days to weeks rather than months left and the knowledge that Nic would be eternally grateful and proud of her father were tipping points in Kyle's decision to show up at the hospital. He cherished Nic throwing herself into his arms in pure gratitude and relief.

Kyle: I'm 63. I smoked. I drink. I can't believe my kidney is her best option.
Nic: It's her only option

As a result of all of that, I think Kyle is the one who coded. He got wheeled into the OR still afraid of getting the surgery; Nic had those flashes of him before she received the page, and it would be his redemption arc.

Jessie was at risk given her state of health, but she took well to the surgery. Plus, she didn't have Shira OD'ing during her surgery. Although, I wouldn't put it past The Resident to kill them both. It would be way too cruel though.

Father of the Year - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

Nic also had some lovely scenes with her sister who bestowed some wisdom upon Nic and spoke as if she was prepared for her words to be the final things she said to Nic if necessary. Their scenes together were enjoyable even though I checked out of the Nevin angst a while ago.

The aftermath of whichever Nevin died will leave an impact on Nic going forward. She committed to Conrad after they had an important discussion, but now everything she said to him will be put to the test.

Nic: How is this not infuriating to you?
Jessie: I'm disappointed, but I understand. I'm a lot like him. You are not. You are like mom. He's not a bad person; he's just weak...
Nic: We have to keep fighting together, OK? Promise.
Jessie: We will, but if we lose the battle it's one thing I ask OK? That you forgive dad if you can and let him know I forgive him too.

So, the CoNic tension; is that it? Five minutes into the hour and they have one conversation, and they're on again?

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If all it took was a conversation where Nic stated the obvious and then acknowledged she has some things to work on while lowkey asking him to "meet her halfway" which I took as "since I'm compromising, I would like you to now compromise more" then why did we need all of this angst?

Making Sacrifices - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 22

My feelings on CoNic have soured, so I was not prepared to see them make amends so quickly when it's evident their relationship requires more work. I'm unconvinced they're on the same page, and they're in dire need of an significant break.

Not every disagreement with a couple has to result in them falling out or having knock-down, drag-out, ugly fights and then long, arduous time spent finding their way back to each other. However, Nic's epiphany felt sudden with no buildup.

Up in the Air - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 13

Nic has to figure out some things, and she needs the space to do it. Conrad can and would always be her friend and remain supportive, but I think she needs the space to work on herself as she enforced a breakup when he needed to figure things out for himself and get his head right.

Nic: I've been thinking a lot about us, and I have realized something so just hear me out.
Conrad: Of course.
Nic: Life is hard, and the problems keep coming, and I keep getting to solve them all by myself. Jessie, my dad, our patients...I seem completely incapable of asking for help. I don't know why I do that.
Conrad: Well you lost your mother as a kid --
Nic: I don't need to -- I don't want to make excuses. I want to see the pattern, take responsibility, and change.

Unfortunately, with the potential death of a loved one, she's going to have to battle her instincts to fix and shoulder everything on her own.

It could lead to growth for Nic, but it also could be more of the same for her. I don't know what it will be, but for the moment, there is something about the way things unfolded so all I feel is apathy, and I don't want it to be the case, but it is.

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It's not my intention to rain on the parade of CoNic 'shippers, so I would love to hear your thoughts about the state of the 'ship in the comments. Do you think they resolved things too quickly? Are you pleased they are back together?

Dad's Back - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 18

Meanwhile, the Kit and Bell 'ship didn't end the way one would hope, but there is no questioning the positive effect she had on Bell.

Everyone saw it, and Devon was smart enough to use it. He knew he could enlist the help of Kit to get Bell to reconsider keeping the presumed homeless man with dementia at the hospital.

Bell is the bottom line, pragmatic one, and he knows the hospital finances and reputation are in disarray due to Lane and QuoVadis. From his perspective, Chastain can't afford to treat the uninsured and unbefriended; it costs them too much.

Just stay with him for five minutes. That's all I'm asking. See the human being this time and not the numbers.


Bell can't help but see people as numbers and dollar signs. He's cracking down on who they can treat and hoping they bring in patients with big bucks. However, Devon refused to give up on George.

Ensuring His Safety - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

Devon's best arc this season is how he has evolved into a kind, determined doctor who advocates and goes to hell and back for his patients.

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Yes, it's a reflection of his mentor(s), but it's also a reflection of his character and why he got into medicine in the first place.

He may only be an intern, but he's one of the best doctors Chastain has to offer, and his interactions with his patients have been more enjoyable than most of his relationship drama.

Tres Amigos - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

It was a poignant moment Bell shared with George made more so when he confessed to Kit that he saw himself and his future in George. Bell has walked a fascinating path this season -- one of self-reflection and awareness, and he's trying to figure out the type of man he is and who he wants to be.

He's aware of how he could end up being lonely and alone. He has a longing for love, happiness, and family. He's a man who is aware of his mortality and reevaluating what's important in life, and he's trying to be a better person.

Bell: I saw myself in him.
Kit: I should probably let you know I'm back with my ex-husband.
Bell: Oh, OK.
Kit: But I care about you, and I believe in you. Nurture the man I see right here.
Bell: I will if I can.

Kit chose to rekindle things with her ex-husband, which was both sweet and heartbreaking, but she also encouraged Bell to continue down his path and be the person she cares about -- she wants him to share that version of himself to the world more often.

Bell handled it well; it's almost as if he expected it. But he's back to throwing himself into Chastain. It's his legacy if he doesn't have anything else. Do you know what's funny though?

Going Down, Down, Down - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

As enjoyable as Bell's arc has been and as incredible as Bruce Greenwood is at playing him, it's insane how Bell also wreaked havoc around Chastain for years and developed a reputation and a nickname (HODAD), but it was mostly brushed over and overshadowed by Lane.

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Lane took the biggest hit, and she paid for every sin at Chastain whether she had anything to do with it or not. She's the dark stain on the hospital, not Bell.

Randolph's Risky Plan - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

One can't help but be wary of Bell getting into bed with Red Rock Mountain Medical. He's desperate and hard up for some form of a merger to keep the hospital afloat, but at what cost?

Bell isn't the best judge of character while making these decisions, and the arrangement gives RRMM more power than Bell would have liked. It also means Conrad, Devon and the others can give up their "better the devil they know," approach with a less powerful Bell.

Businesswoman: Red Rock Mountain is still working to move forward with some conditions.
Bell: Well, I remain as CEO; that's non-negotiable.
Businesswoman: Agreed. But your authority would be curtailed. All administrative decisions about the running of the hospital will shift to Red Rock Mountainmedical. Your signature, please.

Did Bell sign his and Chastain's life away? Drama is probably on the horizon with this new deal, and fresh off of the QuoVadis mess too.

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Shira - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

Shira was a mess and brought hers to the hospital. Ms. Pigtails was pilfering more drugs, but she was taking them too. I practically screamed at the screen when AJ removed her; I knew she would end up in Kyle's surgery instead.

It's infuriating to learn that doctor's records don't get transferred out of state. That woman got booted in Pennsylvania because of her drug addiction and stealing and took her happy-go-lucky behind down south to start afresh with the same damn thing.

Shira Down - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

What about the risks she posed to patients? It was horrifying when she shot up via an IV before going into surgery. What the hell?!

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Another reason Kyle may be a goner is due to the incident with Shira collapsing in his surgery and pulling the tubes and everything with her.

Mina Musings -Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

Hopefully, the series didn't introduce her in the final hours of the season as a random storyline about doctors abusing drugs, not unless it affects the plot in some way.

Mina didn't want Shira anywhere near Micah, but it was funny since she didn't care for the woman in the first place. Mina has feelings for Micah, and she's torn up about missing out on him after their proposal debacle.

Finding His Birth Parents - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 21

It didn't bother me the least bit that Micah moved on since he deserved to be happy with a woman who was more his speed. Jolie is the woman for him. He moved on fast, but it's not something to get too judgmental about either.

Life is short, and he's had a hell of a life with many complications, so it's hard to fault the man for it. However, it didn't make what AJ said to Mina any less sweet.

Micah has a new girlfriend. She's here at the hospital. She's pretty, and he says he's the happiest he has ever been. I'm sorry, Mina. I did not enjoy delivering that ten blade to your heart, but I had to see if you still had feelings for your ex-fiance, and by your reaction, you do. So no, you will not be scrubbing in. For what it's worth you deserve better. Anybody who could replace you so quickly doesn't deserve you.


We are exiting the second season with Jessica and Irving as the cutest canon couple and AJ and Mina as the cutest non-couple with the most possibilities.

The Superior 'Ship - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 23

AJ was a genuine friend to Mina when he broke the news to her about Micah and wanted to determine if her feelings for him lingered. He was doing what was best for Micah and Mina.

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He has a way of damn near confessing his undying love and devotion to the woman at every turn by couching it in nonchalant terms and phrases, and I love it; I love them.

They care about each other, and they kick ass at surgeries together. They're a fantastic duo -- they work in whatever capacity their relationship is in. It's hard to label this pair, but in the end, it doesn't matter.

Bloody Valentine's Day - Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

AJ and Mina are the best slow-burn on television at the moment, and I cannot wait for more of them next season.

And so ends the final review of the season. As always, it has been a pleasure, and it has been a most enjoyable season and a hell of a ride.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Who do you think died? How do you feel about CoNic?

All Danced Out-Tall - The Resident Season 2 Episode 9

Are you wary of Red Rock Mountain Medical? Is this the end of Shira's storyline? Who do you think has grown the most, Devon or Bell?

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Are you bummed about Kit and Bell? How adorable are AJ and Mina and their relationship whatever the heck it is? Hit the comments below!

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The Unbefriended Review

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Conrad: I'm in. I just have one request. I really want those chickens.
Nic: No chickens.

Nic: I've been thinking a lot about us, and I have realized something so just hear me out.
Conrad: Of course.
Nic: Life is hard, and the problems keep coming, and I keep getting to solve them all by myself. Jessie, my dad, our patients...I seem completely incapable of asking for help. I don't know why I do that.
Conrad: Well you lost your mother as a kid --
Nic: I don't need to -- I don't want to make excuses. I want to see the pattern, take responsibility, and change.