Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1 Review: Back and to the Future

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Ghosts from the past and a vision for the future.

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1, Sam and Dean have a plan that puts an "end" to everything once and for all.

They have a big mission ahead, and nothing is going to stop them. But they have a hell of a lot of work to do.

Ghosts of the Past - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

There's much to speculate on how this series will end.

If you dig into what Sam said about Chuck abandoning the world they're in right now, that leaves a lot open.

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It could be that if Chuck really left them, then they could create the world they want to create.

They might have to revisit some old friends of theirs, but if Chuck leaves them alone, maybe they can have a happy ever after.

Isn't that what everyone wants for them?

Dean is Trusting - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

As much as we want Chuck to let them be, it's not going to happen. Chuck is controlling, and when he sees that Sam and Dean got themselves out of another mess, he's not going to be happy.

He's going to come back and wreak more havoc on everyone's life. It's just what he does.

Maybe, in the end, Sam and Dean will die, but hopefully, it will be on their terms and not part of Chuck's playbook.

Investigating - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

It was strange seeing Jack alive again even if it is this new demon Belvidere.

Belvidere is a demon with an attitude.

He might be trying to help the boys for now, but he has to have an ulterior motive. Why would you help the very people who have spent their lives trying to get rid of demons?

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There's also the question of whether or not he really is a demon named Belvidere and not something else in disguise. Lucifer disguising himself in such a way is a reach, but there's more to Belvidere than he's showing right now..

He might have explained himself away, but in Sam and Dean's world, it's better to be cautious.

It's also surprising that Dean was as trusting as he was with this demon because he's never trusting with anyone.

Bullet Sam - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

However, he had no choice because there was no way out for them. And Belvidere did do what he said he'd do.

The only thing is how are they going to get out of that town and get rid of the ghosts?

And who else is going to come around to help them? Belvidere isn't the last demon that's going to come knocking around.

Cas Does His Part - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

You also have to wonder if the ghosts of their hellish past are coming back will we be seeing other angels as well?

Besides that, there's the issue of Michael.

Dean mentioned him and Belividere seemed to give an honest answer, but he's a demon. So, how truthful is he?

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If Michael is still around, and spirits are beings are coming out of the woodwork, we might see Michael again.

And if he returns, it's going to be huge.

But back to Belvidere. Everything depends on his endgame.

Sam Fights Them Off - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

If you look at it from every angle, everything about him is odd from how he just showed up to how he's willing to help the boys out.

The oddest thing is him telling Dean how he admired him during Dean's time in hell.

It's just strange, and everyone needs to stay on guard.

As far as the ghosts go, we went way back in time with some of them.

Dean Has No Fear - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

There are probably even more from their past as well scattered everywhere because why would they stay condensed in one area?

The other issue Sam and Dean are going to have to deal with is all the people locked up in the high school. Eventually, some of them are going to want to leave.

It's going to present a problem when they realize they can't get out. They're in they're own kind of dome right now.

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Cas seems to be lost about everything. It's like he's in some sort of daze, and he's not being helpful at all.

Who knows what's going on in his head?

He seemed to have gotten himself together later, but if he doesn't get his butt in gear, he's going to hinder rather than help.

The good thing is at least he was able to heal Sam after he got sliced.

Trying to Understand - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

But even then, Cas seemed like he was in some sort of haze.

It's more than likely because of Jack. Cas feels responsible for Jack, and the fact that he wasn't able to protect him is eating away at Cas.

So, you could say he's in the shock phase of grief.

He needs to pull his head out of his ass, though, because Sam and Dean need him to be at top form.

Helping Brother - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

It's going to be hard because Belvidere is in Jack's body which is a constant reminder, but he has to move past it.

There was nothing he could do to save Jack. Even if Chuck didn't kill Jack, the kid was going down a dark road.

Cas wouldn't have been able to do anything anyway.

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It's a great start to the final season. There are lots of questions and lots of work to do, but Sam and Dean can handle it -- like they always do.

Over to you!

What did you think of the final season premiere?

What's Belvidere's game? Is he something else in disguise?

Cas Fights - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

Will Cas snap out of his daze?

Who else from Sam and Dean's past will return?

Is Chuck gone for good?

How do you want to see the series end?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts. If you need to catch up, you can watch Supernatural online right here via TV Fanatic.


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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1 Quotes

Cas: He's an abomination.
Jack the Demon: You're an abomination with that trench coat.

He didn't deserve this.