Power Season 6 Episode 10 Review: No One Can Stop Me

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It was always leading to this. 

In his quest to be a legitimate businessman, Ghost has descended further and further into madness. And during Power Season 6 Episode 10 the best was fully unleashed. 

Believing that he was finally free from his past and ready for the future, Ghost embarked on a mission to free himself from all his former allies, but it was he who ended up being the biggest loser of all. 

Ghost Apologizes - Power Season 6 Episode 10

Ghost has always been a man driven by the need to be in complete control. He craves it, and he needs it to feel alive. 

The show is called Power for a reason. 

It's what has driven Ghost, and the others for that matter, since they were kids. And although they've all reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows at some point, they still haven't lost that desire to be in command. 

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For Ghost, it's been six seasons in the making for him to get away from the drug life and be the "honest" man he always told Angela he was trying to be. 

Tasha: You fucking kidding me? You're telling me to stop selling drugs?
Ghost: Tasha, I'm completely legit, oaky? Whether you support me or not. Whether you believe that or not. I know one thing, no one is going to get in the way of my future. No one.

No matter how he got there, he was there now, and no one was going to get in his way. 

Tasha Tells It Like It Is - Power Season 6 Episode 10

Not Tommy. Not Tasha. Not Dre. Not the FEDs. Not even Tariq. 

There wasn't a person he was willing to save if it meant he wasn't going to fulfill his self-proclaimed prophecy to be a legit man in the eyes of others. 

Ghost has always been selfish, stubborn, and self-absorbed, but he used to hide it a lot better. Perhaps it's because his dreams were always far away, he showed a bit more restraint. But when they were right at his fingertips, he just lost all his couth. 

Pensive Ghost - Power Season 6 Episode 10

He verbally took down Tate, Dre, Tasha, and Tommy without breaking a sweat because he doesn't see them as threats. And that's been one of his downfalls from the beginning. 

Ghost underestimates everyone. And it's what got him shot at the end of the episode. 

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To think you can get everything you want and essentially leave those around you dying is equal parts stupid and dangerous. 

Ghost is always banking on people's fears outweighing everything else, and never once thinks about the idea that desperate people will do desperate things when they feel like they have no other choice. 

And that's how he left every single person that was potentially headed towards Truth feeling. 

"Who Shot Ghost?" isn't exactly groundbreaking material, but it's something to get everyone talking before the final episodes this winter. 

When you consider the suspects, Tariq seems like the most obvious choice and Tate seems the least likely. 

People have been predicting that Tariq would kill Ghost for years now, and it makes perfect sense in the trajectory of the story. Ghost tried so hard to stop Tariq from becoming him that he missed all the signs that he was becoming a perfect mixture of both him and Kanan. 

Tommy Listens - Power Season 6 Episode 10

And what did Kanan do in the end to his son?

Ghost went back on his word because he couldn't possibly take the wrap for his son when all his dreams were about to be realized. Mr. 'I'll do anything for my family' once again put himself above all else.

And it makes you wonder if every decision he's made, even the ones that outwardly seemed to be made for others, were deep down always about saving himself. 

Tommy: So you get everything you want, huh? And I got nothing. I got nothing? I got nothing!
Ghost: Tommy, you chose to have nothing, man! I said get out the fucking game!

Tasha and Tommy are viable options as well, but given how many times Tommy has had to pull the trigger, it's hard to imagine that this is the time he finally goes through with it. 

On The Roof - Power Season 6 Episode 10

Considering how overly vile he's been to Tasha lately and his speech about being the head of the snake, Tasha is smart enough to realize that taking him out allows a lot of her secrets to die right along with him. 

And she gets to save her family, which is the one thing she has always wanted to do. 

Ghost: That's it, that's it, that's what you are. You's a wannabe gangster. A fucking wannabe. You had all the potential, Dre. But at the end of the day, you ain't got the, the shit to make it work,
Dre: Man, fuck you!
Ghost: Yeah, fuck me. But you need me, Dre. Like you always do. So Imma save you. Like the helpless little bitch you are.

The shooter could be Dre, Saxe or Paz as well, but those are lackluster choices, especially Paz. 

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Ghost's demise has always been telegraphed to come from within his ranks. And having one of them be the shooter just wouldn't make a ton of sense narratively. 

No matter who ends up being the one to pull the trigger, the bigger question looming is whether or not Ghost lives. 

Angry Tate - Power Season 6 Episode 10

The show could survive six episodes without Ghost, but does it really want to? The more intriguing prospect is Ghost surviving and seeking revenge against the person who wanted him dead, all while dealing with the inevitable charges that will be levied against him. 

A dead Ghost leaves us with what? The FEDs case goes away, and everyone else exists without Ghost and lives happily ever after? 

No way. This can't be the way Ghost's story ends. 

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It feels like Ghost is destined to live out the remainder of his days behind bars, hearing about his old associates and Tommy, Tasha, and Tariq through the news or newspaper clippings. 

Until one day an adult Yaz, full of promise and meaning and nothing like anyone else in her family, shows him what happens when you aren't raised in the St. Patrick household. 

Then maybe, just maybe, he'll get what everyone has been saying about him all along. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • Ghost hallucinations were not subtle at all, but they each gave Ghost something to chew on. Especially Raina's moment. Ghost is still oblivious to the fact that he many lies influenced the very children he raised. 
  • Lela Loren always kills it in that red dress. And if that's the absolute last scene we see between her and Ghost, it was a nice one. It's beyond time for him to let her go. 
  • Ramona and Ghost have whatever the opposite of chemistry is. There is just nothing there, and nobody asked for it. 
Looking For Answers - Power Season 6 Episode 10
  • Warner's hatred for Saxe is honestly hilarious. Everyone at that department is incompetent and it needs to be shut down. 
  • Blanca started off trying to bring Angela down and turned herself into a worse version of the woman she despised. 
  • Who shot at Tommy and Ghost? Unless I missed something, that was never addressed. 

We've got a few months to ponder everything that happened during this extended hour and figure out who shot Ghost. 

I want all your predictions down below, along with your thoughts on the first half of the season and where you see things going!

Will Ghost make it out of the series alive?

What did Ghost want 2-Bit to do?

How many shootings will happen at Truth before people stop going there?

Be on the lookout for my thoughts on what I'd like to see in the final episodes and watch Power online right this minute so you're all caught up! 


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No One Can Stop Me Review

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Power Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Uncle Gabe: He'd like knowing that you came back to buy this place. Man, he'd be so proud of you, boy.
Ghost: He would be proud of me now, Uncle Gabe.

Warner: Are you on medication, Saxe? Do you need medication?
Saxe: He's about to run for lieutenant governor. He's a murdering drug dealer who's about to run for public fucking office.
Warner: And you think he's the first one?