Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9 Review: The Trap

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Are you ready to cry? Or are you just pissed off?

Chuck showed that he's an even bigger bastard than we all thought on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9 after breaking Sam to prevent his own entrapment or death.

But even if Chuck won this round, there's something even bigger waiting for him in the wings -- something that neither he nor the Winchester gang are aware of, most likely.

Ghosts of Christmas Past - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

It's almost the end of the line for the Winchesters as their journey winds down in the final episodes of their 15-season-long run.

And it's going to be a wild ride, if this hour was any indication.

We've been through a lot with Sam and Dean and all their friends and enemies, but these last few episodes may turn out to be the most intense we've ever seen.

We shouldn't expect anything less.

However, the scenario Chuck showed Sam of the future? We can just "chuck" it right out the window -- because it's not going to happen. No way. No how.

Chuck, you dick.


Sam and Dean turning into monsters and killing Bobby and Jody would be a crappy end for them. It might delight Chuck but the Supernatural writers won't go down that road.

It was a fantasy of Chuck's no matter how much he tried to tell them that despite his rearranging of words or thoughts or memories, it's how their story always ended.

If I recall correctly, when Dean saw the books of their ending a few seasons ago, Billie had told them that their end was always the same.

I already apologized to you. You just chose not to hear it.


Dean didn't seem to remember that, but Sam never detailed exactly what Chuck showed him, either.

That could be why Dean had looked so forlorn at what he read back then.

Whiskey for All - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

What a twist of fate if they ended up as monsters, right?

And the idea that Cas was killed or died is another fantasy of Chuck's as well.

It's not entirely out of the question but not in the way Chuck wants it to happen.

If he does die, it has to be fighting the good fight against the evil Chuck, not by monsters out of control.

Dean: Well, what now? You're not going to dust us.
Chuck: Oh, yeah. Why not?
Dean: Because you're holding out -- for your big finish!

Chuck wanted to kill Sam's hope, so he thought of the most horrid things he possibly could to break that hope -- and to give himself the win.

He knew Sam wouldn't be able to deal with those images -- of Dean hanging up the towel, of Cas being dead, of them turning to monsters.

Chuck was right because when it came down to it, when Dean and Cas had successfully gotten the things they needed for the spell to take down Chuck, Sam couldn't pull the trigger.

Surprisingly, neither Dean nor Cas were upset with Sam. Disappointed, yes. But not angry.

They both understood.

No Hope - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

They also knew that defeating God wasn't going to be an easy task, either. How could it? He's God!

Despite their loss, some good did come out of it -- and it's something that might make them all stronger in the end.

While Chuck was playing his games with Sam, Cas and Dean were in Purgatory hunting for the Leviathan blossom.

They've never talked about the tension between them, but being there gave them the opportunity to hash things out.

You still think you're the hero of this story. You still think you can win.


Granted, it took a powerful prayer from Dean, but they resolved their issues.

Dean was as sincere as he's ever been in his life. Those tears were real!

He meant every word he said. Cas knew it, too, after they finally reunited.

And just to backtrack a bit, Dean made a smart move when he listened to Cas instead of running off to find Sam.

Cas is as tired of God as eveyone else, and for the first time in a long time, he made a major contribution to the team.

Making Peace - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

So, while Chuck got the big win, the Winchester team got a small win -- and small wins could add up to bigger wins in the end.

Dean harboring bad feelings against Cas and not wanting to admit being wrong for as long as he had could have been an advantage for Chuck.

Now, Dean is starting to purge himself. It's something he desperately needs because the more garbage he has rolling around inside, the less chance he'll have of directing all his energies to defeating Chuck.

If he goes at Chuck with a certain type of "purity," it's going to be a powerful blow to the "almighty."

Sam: When it's time to get your hands dirty, you just like to watch. I don't even know what to call it.
Eileen: I do. Pathetic.

Cas needed that purge as well. He already took care of some of it when he disappeared, but the issues with Dean was a big part of his psyche.

Now, it's behind them both. It might even be something Chuck has no idea about because while he might be "all knowing," he doesn't know everything.

He even admitted that there is some free will that he can't control. It's a big plus for the boys.

Perhaps their biggest plus, though, is the partnership of Jack and Billie. 

Looking for the Blossom - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

We don't know what the two are planning, but it's conceivable that they're going to go after God -- as part of the Winchester team or on their own.

Billie's been waiting, and she saw what happened as the time for her and Jack to step in with whaever plan she has put together.

One thing is for sure, Chuck is feeling high and mighty right now which is preventing him from seeing the minute cracks happening all around him.

His time is coming to an end, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be easy breezy for the Winchesters.

What we do isn't even hunting anymore. It's Whack-a-Mole.


Billie isn't to be trusted -- at all.

If the rest of the final season is going to be as intense as "The Trap," we're all going to need a fifth of whiskey to get through it.

Over to you!

Did you love or hate "The Trap"? 

What's Billie up to?

Looking for Answers - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 9

Will Chuck's ending happen or is he blowing smoke?

Are you glad Dean and Cas finally resolved their issues?

What about Sam and Eileen? Any chance they get back together later?

How do you want it to end?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Trap Review

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