Dynasty: Will Kirby and Adam's Union Lead to Redemption or Tragedy?

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Kirby and Adam hooked up!

How did this happen?

Like Adam said (because a broken clock can be right twice a day) on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10, he barely knows Kirby.

Kirby & Adam Collage - Dynasty

Then comes Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13, and the two of them are having sex on Blake's desk.

If you were a fan of the original series, the sudden union of Kirby and Adam might not seem so out of the blue.

Kirby and Adam of the original series were paired too but in the most horrifying way possible. 

Long story short: Adam raped Kirby. She became pregnant, and then they fell in love.

OG Adam & Kirby - Dynasty

How much of the Adam and Kirby story from the original series will Dynasty incorporate?

Dynasty hasn’t been shy about adapting the original’s most iconic moments and stories but tends not to copy those things identically. 

Consider Fallon and Jeff’s relationship. Their counterparts on the original series were married. On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15, Fallon married Jeff, but the twist was that it wasn't legal because Fallon married Liam first.

Since then, Fallon and Jeff discovered they're cousins, making it safe to presume the romantic back and forth the originals had is off the table. 

Sharks  - Dynasty

Dynasty's willingness to take storylines from the original in different directions, plus its desire to be seen as a show about female empowerment, makes me cautiously optimistic it won't depict Adam raping Kirby and her standing by him.

Does this mean it's smooth sailing for Kirby and Adam?

Of course not.

Kirby has come a long way since her early days of seeking revenge because of her banishment from the Carrington manor. She was an annoyance rather than a gamechanger.

Welcome, Kirby! - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 1

Now she's a character to root for. She's resourceful. She's a good friend. She deserves better then what she usually receives.

A lot of bad things happened to Kirby lately. Her relationship with Culhane fizzled. Fallon sabotaged her business. Blake threatened her into leaving town.

No wonder she was vulnerable enough to join a cult.   

She may have left Synergy, but falling for Adam is a repeat of the same bad choices.  Once again, she's becoming too quickly attached to a who guy acts nice to her. She's ignoring the warning signs.   

Angry Adam - Dynasty

Upon witnessing him go berzerk over Nadia, Kirby should've run for the hills. Instead, she made out with him.

Adam is overly paranoid and ruthless towards anyone who crosses him. If Adam comes to believe Kirby has or will betray him, he will hurt her.

Adam sexually assaulting Kirby goes into territory Dynasty shouldn't depict.  However, a near-rape scenario might happen, or Adam could harm her some other way.

Or maybe Dynasty will surprise us once again. Maybe Kirby and Adam's story isn't about piling more tragedy onto Kirby. Maybe it's a story about Adam's redemption.

Home Cooked Meal  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

If you asked me last season whether Adam was redeemable, I wouldn't have hesitated to say no. He shoved Alexis' face in a fire. He poisoned Jeff and nearly killed Liam. Plus, Steven was institutionalized because of him.

Making him less dispicable would seem impossible. Yet, miraculously, it might be happening.

When Fallon began hallucinating, and everyone was singing and dancing because of a gas leak on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 4, Adam's singing was a highlight. He didn't suddenly become likable, but his presence was enjoyable, for once.

The first real sign of Adam's possible redemption came on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10, when he chose to help Fallon because he wanted to spend time with his sister.

Going International - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11

The episode also featured a sweet background moment of Adam offering Kirby his blanket because she was cold.

Sharing screentime with Kirby has shown Adam in a better light.  If Adam finds the affection and attention he desperately craves from Kirby, maybe he'll become a better person who makes amends with his victims.   

It sounds too neat and tidy for Dynasty. 

More likely, we're seeing the formation of Dynasty's newest power couple -- one capable of throwing a wrench into the plans of Dynasty's other power couples.

Ahoy Captain - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10

If you watch Dynasty online, you know the Jeff and Alexis versus Blake and Cristal feud is heating up. Alexis knows she needs more allies in the fight and already made moves to persuade Adam onto her side. Blake will probably come to the same realization.

Adam being in the middle could open up opportunities for him to play both sides, and Kirby is more than ready to be his partner. Combine his ruthlessness with her resourcefulness, and they might be the ones walking away with Carrington Atlantic.

Or will their partnership fall apart first?

Kirby has no problem scheming, but it's doubtful she'd go along with a plan where someone could be seriously injured. There's also Adam's violent temper to consider. Kirby can't stay willfully blind to it forever.

Millennial Content Consultant - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16

On Dynasty, the possibilities are endless. Whichever direction Kirby and Adam's union takes them, it's certain to be a helluva ride!

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

How do you feel about Kirby and Adam's relationship?

Will it have a happy ending or end in tragedy?

Becca Newton is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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