All American Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Stakes Is High

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Football finally returned thanks to the 7-on-7 Jamboree.

But most of the action was still off the field on All American Season 2 Episode 15.

When it was over, Asher was in the stands, Spencer was back on the field where he belongs, and Billy returned to the sidelines, at least temporarily.

Billy Is Upset - All American

A lot of the characters got themselves in trouble before that happened, however.

As usual, Spencer tried to do the right thing. If only he could have figured out what that was.

Impatient Rehabber - All American Season 2 Episode 15

While grieving over Corey's death, Spencer nearly threw away his future while trying to be a regular student and working stiff.

Then, after he decided to make his triumphant return to the football field, he did the heroic thing by getting shot while protecting Olivia from a drive-by shooting.

The human body doesn't respond well to two bullets. The right thing to do would be to do the work over a long, gradual rehab.

The only problem was that Spencer was now labeled damaged goods by college recruiters, and his chances of earning a football scholarship were quickly slipping away.

Then the UCLA coach offered Spencer hope, urging him to get back on the field for the Jamboree to show what he could do.

Football Showdown - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Darnell, whose own football dreams were going up in smoke, pushed him to do whatever it takes.

Spencer couldn't go the steroids route since Asher had claimed that for himself, and having two characters with the same vice just doesn't work dramatically (unless it's two recovering addicts falling for each other).

So he decided to force the issue of being cleared medically to play.

Still feeling the results of rushing back too soon during his playing days, Billy thought it was just a bad idea. Then there was the small matter of his being suspended to protect Asher from his stupid mistake.

This forced Spencer to go over Billy's head to the athletic director, who apparently didn't know any better and cleared him to play, causing friction between Spencer and Billy.

Defying Coach - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Does anyone else think it was strange that Grace and Dillon didn't show up for the Jamboree, when Spencer would be playing all day long? I know. The budget for talent means a few recurring characters get benched each week.

At least Billy and Spencer reached a truce, when Billy provided him with that shoulder brace. If Billy had that in his desk right along, why did he wait to then to pull it out? Hoping against hope that Spencer would do the smart thing?

It was heartening that TPTB didn't go for the obvious object lesson when Spencer landed on that shoulder on the deep bomb. We've been conditioned for Spencer to endure another setback but he didn't ... this time.

And Spencer's college career was back on track ... for now.

I'm continuing to enjoy the odd pairing of Coop and Layla.

Managing Music - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Layla had Coop and Patience perform to a Kid 'n Play song at the Jamboree party she was hosting, which convinced J.P. that he was wrong about Coop.

Then he made her an offer which she didn't immediately take, which just doesn't happen to J.P. Keating. Both Layla and Patience urged the uncertain Coop to sign the contract.

Then Coop turned J.P. down, naming Layla her producer and leveraging Layla a boutique label in the process. It appeared that J.P. didn't mind being passed over.

So, fortunately, Layla won't find herself with too much time on her hands again.

The Baker twins weren't so lucky, but only Jordan's troubles were self-inflicted.

Anticipating Performance - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Jordan doesn't always (or hardly ever) pick up on subtleties. It's a good thing his twin is there to interpret them for him.

He didn't understand why Simone stopped accepting his hospitality at the end of All American Season 2 Episode 14 and was ignoring his texts.

So not only does Jordan stalk Simone but also her loser baby daddy, managing to start a brawl at the Jamboree. Just what you want, your quarterback with his head not in the game.

Having both Simone and Olivia essentially tell him to back off didn't slow him. He did pick up on one thing that Olivia said, approaching Simone's uptight mom in an effort to get Simone some family support.

Then there's Olivia. The producers/writers seem determined to undo the most together character on the series.

Together on Stage - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Trying to be there for everyone else, Olivia is slowly crumbling. She really needs to talk to somebody professional instead of just doing that talk therapy she calls a podcast. Surely Layla could recommend someone.

She doesn't seem to realize that all the bad things that are happening around her aren't her fault and that others have to take responsibiity for their own actions.

Billy and Laura are separated because Billy cheated on her, not because of anything Olivia did.

Spencer got shot because he got up in the face of a stone-cold gangsta, not because he was protecting her.

Special Performance - All American Season 2 Episode 15

Billy got suspended because he was trying to help Asher, not because Olivia told him about Asher's steroid use.

Olivia also made the right call taking a break with Asher, because they both got their family issues with which to deal.

Asher did the right thing manning up about the steroids, torpedoing the football career he was never going to have. As a bonus, maybe he and his father might get closer.

The remaining fallout is that the football program is getting investigated. But any school board that went along with Cliff the booster isn't about to give back the trophy because their coach tried to protect a confused player.

Goat Yoga - All American Season 2 Episode 15

To follow Spencer's comeback, watch All American online.

Did Spencer do the right thing?

Are you enjoying Layla and Coop's relationship?

Is Olivia heading for a fall?

Comment below.

Stakes Is High Review

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