The 100: Marie Avgeropoulos on Octavia's Evolution, What Fans Can Expect From Season 7, and More!

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Octavia Blake has been with The 100 since the show first premiered, representing all that the show continues to thrive on.

And in many ways, it feels like Octavia exists as many people, getting the chance to have a completely new approach every season. From innocence to chaos to redemption, Octavia is always there to explore the many possibilities of growing up as a person.

None of that would be possible without Marie Avgeropoulos taking on challenge after challenge each season, creating a new way to look at the character each time she goes on a self-driven journey.


The last time we saw Octavia, during The 100 Season 6 Episode 13, she was trying to help Gabriel solve the Anomaly mystery.

But her involvement took a turn when Hope showed up out of nowhere, stabbed Octavia at her request, and then stayed in her place. Octavia was taken by the Anomaly, as she was bleeding in Bellamy's arms, and it isn't clear where she even is.

Time exists differently there, which means we don't know how much time Octavia spent there originally or how long she might be gone now.

But what we do know is that all answers will finally be revealed. 


Taking some time out to answer our questions, Marie Avgeropoulos shares her thoughts on spending so much time playing Octavia Blake and also touches on what fans can look forward to in the final season.  

Marie also mentions what she learned from such a longlasting role on The 100.

Each season Octavia is a different version from who she was in the previous season. What is it like for you as an actor having your character go through so many shifts season after season?

I feel really blessed as an actress to have played a character like Octavia all these years. Personally, it's never ever been boring. Every day on set, there's always been a new experience, because she metamorphosizes so many times.


That's just been so enjoyable for me because even though it's still the same skin, it felt like hundreds of characters throughout the seven seasons that I had the opportunity to play Octavia Blake.

And what has it been like being on a show and playing the same character for seven seasons been?

It's definitely hard to say goodbye, especially because on our last day of filming, the hundredth episode of The 100, we didn't even get to really celebrate our experiences together over the years. We walked out of the set of a fake apocalypse straight into the real-life one that we're all currently in right now due to COVID-19.

So the ending was definitely bittersweet for me because I feel like we didn't really get closure to say goodbye to these characters that we spent so many years playing.

Now that that the season has finished filming, what was your favorite part or favorite memory of The 100?

My favorite memory from The 100 for sure would be the fact that being an outdoorsy person all of my life. Going fishing, camping with my friends, and that sort of paralleled straight into my experience on The 100 every day going to work.

I wasn't sitting in front of a computer all day; I was in beautiful British Columbia, in the rainforest, riding a horse, sword fighting, or learning a made-up language used on the show.


So every single day was always really nice to just be in the great outdoors, which I find right now is one of the things that's kind of keeping me sane and remembering to go outside, at least once every day.

The 100 is a show that thrives on creating questions and plots that connect over a matter of seasons. What was it like for you after all this time to learn all the answers once and for all?

That's a big question. Octavia always had to sort of figure it out on her own. 

As Octavia has grown up over the years, she has really learned how to grow into herself and not be so impulsive. Octavia started out as a very impulsive girl that didn't really think things through, so then being thrown into leadership positions when she was in fact not even a leader, but she had no choice.

She had to begin making choices for other people that would directly affect their future and the people that she loved the most.


This season you're gonna see Octavia become really self-actualized, reaching her full potential and ultimately finding balance, which is something new from Octavia that I don't think the viewers have seen yet.

The 100 circles around the idea of doing better, so what do you think Octavia's view of doing better is?

I think that kind of comes full circle this year. Without giving too much away, I think this season you're going to see a nurturing Octavia, a self-actualized Octavia, and ultimately it will be an elevated version of herself, keyword being elevated. It's very symbolic as to a lot of different sorts of metaphors that you're going to see happen and come to life.


I'm trying not to give too much away. I don't want to get a phone call from my boss and get in trouble.

Trust me, I completely understand. I'm trying to make it so that Jason doesn't get upset with anything.

Exactly. I have a list in front of me that are things I cannot talk about.

I completely understand. So let's move on to how each season Octavia gets paired off with someone new. Last season you filmed a lot with Ivana, Chuku, and Bob.

This final season we are going to safely assume that Octavia and Hope will get some more time together. What is it like getting to approach each season with new people to share your scenes with?

A lot of questions about that will be answered this season. We'll find out a lot more about the Anomaly and Hope and why she stabbed Octavia. Everyone's going to find out what happens in the Anomaly this year. And the Anomaly is a really interesting word because it means all kinds of things.


I understand I'm being very vague about that, but that's what makes The 100 Season 7 so exciting.

Octavia has very emotionally driven arcs, how did you channel getting into that place for every episode?

I think I have a really good imagination, which is sometimes to my own detriment. I can picture things to the point where I drive my own self crazy.

So I think that's what helps me jump into different characters and really fix the things -- I had tons of imaginary friends as a kind. I remember climbing trees and just playing around outside.

That's essentially what we've gotten to do on the set of The 100, over all these years. Sometimes I even had to do scenes with actors that weren't even in the scene, because maybe they weren't available that day.


I had to do a scene with an X painted on the wall, the scene where Octavia witnesses Lincoln's execution because Ricky Whittle wasn't even there that day. I had to literally stare at an X that was on a flag stand in the middle of the field and culminate that journey for her and what that meant. So I think having a good imagination helps.

Octavia had some truly visually interesting scenes during The 100 Season 6 Episode 11, which was the first episode that Bob Morley has ever directed.

I wanted to ask what it was like being directed by Bob after all these seasons of acting alongside him, but then I also know Lindsey Morgan and Jessica Harmon got to direct episodes during The 100 Season 7. What was it like being directed by all of them and their different styles?

Bob, Lindsey, and Jessica all had very different directing styles. What was interesting to be directed by them is that they had the opportunity to think about other characters, instead of when they're on set as an actor they're just thinking about their own character.


It was interesting for them to step into our characters and have opinions about these characters we've been playing for almost a decade of our lives.

So that was really interesting to kind of have that role reversal and watch everyone be creative in their own space while trying new things at the same time. And it was really wonderful to watch my coworkers really get their feet wet as directors.

Bellamy and Octavia have been struggling in their relationship for a while, do you think their separation during The 100 Season 6 achieved what it set out to do? And do you think they can move to a more healthy place for both of them?

Bellamy and Octavia finally rekindled their relationship in Season 6, after Bellamy had abandoned her for dead, and they eventually managed to reconnect and understand each other on a deeper level. But again, that was at the end of the season, only for Octavia to disappear during The 100 Season 6 Episode 13.


So the mystery of where she went and where they stand will be uncovered this season. And maybe the Anomaly has a lot to do with that. We'll see.

How did you approach filming that Blodreina vs. Octavia scene last season? And what was it like having Michael Beach back as Pike there with you?

I loved the scene! That episode was directed by Marshall Virtue, and that fight scene actually won an award for Best Fight Scene, which I thought was really awesome because I was essentially fighting myself. So I had to learn both sides of the fight.

It was a new experience for me having to essentially talk to myself. We all have our days where we feel like we're talking to our inner demons or the monkey on your back, or however you'd like to put it.


Essentially, I had the opportunity to do that in a scene, and it was really symbolic for me, just because I feel like a lot of us can relate to the scene. But it was really fun to shoot that scene, and the fight went great.

Working with Michael Beach, he's always a pleasure. I know the fans have a love-hate relationship with the Octavia Pike relationship, but he's such a wonderful guy, and incredible actor, and it was great to see him on set again.

Octavia has been so fiercely loved by her fans for seven seasons now. What have you learned from playing Octavia all this time?

As an actress, I've put a bit of Marie into all the characters that I play, and they all somewhat have something in common with me. I love how no matter what, Octavia always puts her big girl pants on and tries to figure it out, even if she has to fake it until she makes it.

She is always brave in the face of fear, and I think that's something I need to remember too on those days that we all have where we feel like, "Oh, if we're not brave enough or I can't do this because I'm not good enough.


So that's something I'll always not keep with me in my back pocket. I would say it is important to me. 

Thank you for this conversation because I feel like, "Hey, this is maybe my little wrap party that we didn't get to have."

During The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, we got an episode of mind spaces, where Clarke had one full of her art, and Josephine had a library with books. What would Octavia and Marie's mind spaces look like?

I'll start with Marie because it is way easier. Mine would consist of a beautiful field that goes on forever with two horses in it, one named George and one named Alice. It would also have a drum kit and Stevie Nicks would be sat beside it with a beautiful cup of tea. I can play music with her, ride my horse, and then there is a ski hill right nearby, so I can snowboard on my way to her.

That's what my mind space would look like.


Then for Octavia's mind space, hopefully, there's a smile involved because I don't think she's ever smiled in seven seasons. Maybe once at the beginning when she jumped off the dropship, but that is the last time that I can recall where she had an authentic smile. I think Octavia deserves some happiness, don't you think?

I agree. Everyone on The 100 deserves some more happiness, it is rare, but they do.

Everyone deserves some more happiness! In real life too right now. 

What can you share about some of your upcoming projects outside of The 100?

Yeah, if we can ever go back to set every again. 

I have a movie coming out shortly, it is called Jiu-Jitsu and it has Alain Moussi, Nicolas Cage, and myself.

It is a sci-fi and martial arts film, and I happen to have my co-star with me right now. It is Mortal Kombat meets Predator and there's a very challenging opponent that is very unsuspecting and difficult for the team to see.

It is about a hero overcoming his fears. So early summer it will be released, I believe on digital since I don't know if going to movies is going to be happening anytime soon. But yeah, that is very exciting for me.


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