90 Day Fiance Fans Blast TLC For Editing Out Lisa Hamme Using The N-Word With Usman Amar

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Another season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is over, and fans are not impressed with TLC. 

The reason for the backlash is that the cable network has apparently edited out Lisa Hamme's response to husband Usman Amar saying she used the N-word on him. 

Fans first realized that the footage existed back in May when 10 hours of unedited footage from the virtual gathering of the cast came to light. 

lisa and usman

In the footage, host Shaun Robins quizzes Lisa about using the N-Word with Usman.

What follows is a lot of bad language as Usman tries to respond.

lisa 2

He ultimately said, “I can’t call you any name. Lisa, last week you called me ni—er. Which I know is totally inappropriate in America, because I am used to how you are behaving.”

Lisa was unimpressed, despite being the person in the wrong throughout all of this, and even goes as far as to call Shaun "that bitch," in the footage. 

Fans were even more furious when Usman, aka Sojaboy apologized to fans on Lisa's behalf. 

“Hello Everyone my name is Usman a.k.a SOJABOY from 90Days Fiance,” he wrote on Instagram in May.

lisa 3

He added that many “DMs from fans and friends” make him concerned after “the name I was call from LISA (the N word).”

Then he apologized, saying, “I wana say Sorry to all African Americans … and to all my fans that feel bad and disgrace about that.

He added that “things are going to be better.”

“How could you stay and defend a woman who has no respect for you and your race,” added one fan of the incident. 


This past weekend the two-part tell-all aired, but none of the scenes in question were used in the final edit, and Lisa was even portrayed as the voice of reason in some cases. 

“Baby Girl Lisa said it wasn’t disrespectful when she called Usman the N word and nobody would know who he was if she didn’t go on the show. She says the people that call her out for racism are ‘the enemy,'” said a fan on social media. 

People have also slammed hit out at TLC and their advertisers for keeping her on the franchise. 

“@TLC & @90DayFiance is covering and rewarding Baby Girl Lisa for calling Usman the N word. Who are their advertisers? This must end!” said a fan. 

shaun robinson

Added another, “@lifetimetv cut ties with Abby for her racist remarks. @TLC you need to do the same for @lisa_hamme. It came out months ago about her use of the N word and y’all have remained silent! #tlc #whitesilenceisviolence.”

Shaun was forced to address the controversy Thursday on an Instagram post promoting an upcoming social justice special, featuring Oprah Winfrey. 

“Being handled as we speak. That’s all I can say for right now,” Shaun responded to irate fans, according to All About That Tea.

The 90 Fiance franchise typically uses cast members across the many different shows that make up the franchise. 

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