Coroner Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Flipside

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Nothing is as it seems on Coroner Season 2 Episode 6. Jenny's mental state is becoming more suspect by the episode. It's a wonder they let her go home after what happened.

I gotta say, I was really disapointed that John was not a real dude. He was so cool! He was fun and interesting, and he had real chemistry with Jenny. Frankly, he had more chemistry with her than Liam does. I'd 'ship it.

Sadly, he was a figment of her imagination. She based him on the lead in Fernandez, a show her father has been watching about a coroner.

Jenny Helps McAvoy From The Clinic - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

John: Is it what you needed?
Jenny: Yeah, it is. Thanks. There was just uh, there's some things that I-I-I can't figure out.
John: Well, lay it on me. As a physician, and your accomplice, I'm sworn to secrecy. Also, I am incredibly bored.

You'd think that would mean something significant about this "Fernandez," show. However, as the attribution in the credits implied, the use of the name John Fernandez was a tribute to a real coroner who used to consult on the show before his recent passing.

RIP John Fernandez.

John: What kind of doctor did you say you were again?
Jenny: The fun kind.

Katie Cooper may not be resting in peace. Jenny's hallucination involved her digging up her sister, only to find no body. We know she pushed Katie down the stairs, supposedly killing her.

However, it's becoming more and more plausible that Katie is alive. She might even be alive, well, and hanging out close to home, using the alias Kelly Hart.

Jenny At The Clinic - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

Jenny: You don't have to say it. I know I look like a lab rat.
McAvoy: No, you look fine. Like a Jenny Marionette.

We rejected this theory earlier when Katie seemed truly dead, but if she's alive, Kelly is the best candidate.

It is quite coincidental that Katie/Kelly would lose her baby in a fire that Jenny was investigating on Coroner Season 2 Episode 1. Despite wanting to get in with the Coopers, it is unlikely Katie/Kelly faked her baby's death.

This theory does offer some explanation as to why Jenny would have such a visceral reaction when Kelly/Katie tried to go back into the burning building.

if you remember, she tackled her and got a bit violent. If Kelly is Katie, her instinct to protect her sister might have kicked in.

McAvoy Outside Haslem House - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

Matteo: You do realize I keep coming out to Dundas just for the weirdness, right? And it never disappoints.
Ross: See, I was thinking that I was the reason that you kept coming back,
Matteo: Oh, oh! My previous statement includes you.

A lot of questions remain unanswered, though.

How is Katie alive? Why did she change her name? Why doesn't she tell the Coopers who she is? Does she still blame Jenny for pushing her down the stairs? Does she have nefarious revenge plans?

There are only a couple of episodes left in Coroner Season 2, so we'll probably get our answers soon. The payoff for Coroner Season 1 was satisfying and all about Katie. Right now, it seems like all roads lead back to Katie.

While Katie's death and Jenny's time at the clinic might have been false, McAvoy and Noor's crusade for justice for Dyanne Tucci was real.

Noor On Slaughter Into Wine - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

McAvoy: It's hard to let go. More so until they're found.
Noor: Part of me doesn't want you to find her. Sometimes, I like to imagine that Dyanne did get away. that she's out there, somewhere, living her life. Some fantasy, huh?

Much as Dyanne deserved justice, Noor was right when she pointed out that if they find a body, it means she's really dead. That story should have had a happier ending.

The podcast was interesting. It's hard to know how to feel about those sorts of things. Are they taking advantage of a crime, or are they helping? In this case, they seemed to genuinely want to help. Good for them.

It was great to see Noor again. She's a great character, and through her, we view certain crimes through a different lens. Hopefully, this isn't the last we've seen of her, much as she seemed to exit stage left.

We especially want to see more of Noor and McAvoy, considering their chemistry practically lit the screen on fire. It was more chemistry than Jenny and Liam or Jenny and Fernandez have.

McNoor for the win!

Noor Listens To Bonnie Haslem - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

McAvoy: We looked for her, Noor. No stone left unturned. There just wasn't any evidence.
Noor: Her medical records weren't evidence enough? Her broken bones, bruises.
McAvoy: She never once said he hit her. Just that she'd had some sort of accident. I looked through those case files.
Noor: Dyanne and I took baby steps. We started forming a plan. Then stopped. When she felt ready, we started up again. Until all we had left was to figure out the right time for her to leave.
McAvoy: Just before she disappeared.
Noor: They think they're stuck. They don't know that there's something else possible.
McAvoy: Until they meet you.

Speaking of Liam, we met his parents. They know bits and pieces about his life, but not everything, such as the fact that his girlfriend's son is eighteen-years-old or the fact that her father lives with them.

Liam's father, Rene, seemed to get on well enough with Ross and Matteo. (Yes, Matteo's back! We're happy about that. He had some really good lines, and he and Ross are still adorable.)

He took them to the family farm for chickens, which was a nice bit of comic relief. He told fun/embarrassing stories about Liam's childhood.

Laim's mother, on the other hand, doesn't believe Liam's army buddy, Mal, attempted suicide. Liam knows. He found him, and he knows.

Noor Outside Haslem House - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

Elodie Bouchard: The. chicken farm is only five kilometers away, so we thought, why not surprise our son.
Ross: You still came all this way just for chickens though.
Matteo: A chicken.
Elodie: No. Heirloom chickens.
Ross: Ah.
Elodie: Maybe, maybe you two could go with René to pick them up.
Ross: Yes, yes please.
Matteo: Yeah!
Ross: 100% Yeah.
Matteo: I know I don't look farmsy, but I feel like I had horses in another life.

He's having trouble coping, and Jenny's been too busy to be there for him. Not that it is her job, but he clearly needs some help. Hopefully, he doesn't turn to Kelly, who hit on him when they met.

Maybe he should talk to a therapist. Just not Dr. Sharma because that would be a conflict of interest.

PTSD is a serious thing. He needs to be taking serious steps to deal.

Instead, he's hiding. No wonder he and Jenny are together. She does the same thing! She does everything not to deal with her feelings. Now she's finally focusing on her, and it bore some unexpected results.

As cool as John was, as much as we wish he was real, the fact that she thought he was when she essentially made him up has got to be terrifying for her.

Mcavoy Meets Bonnie Haslem - Coroner Season 2 Episode 6

Dr Sharma: Jenny, why are we here? And no, I'm sleepwalking is not the answer.
Jenny: Because if I don't fix this, someone might get hurt.

She was barely holding it together when she realized it was all in her head. Realizing you can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy is a terrifying feeling. Much like Liam, she needs to deal with this.

This isn't hallucinating the odd black dog anymore. This is serious! She needs to stop running. She and Liam both do.

Well, what do you think, Fanatics? Is Kelly really Katie? What is her endgame? Do you want to see more of Noor? Do you think we'll see more of the fictitious John?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Coroner online right here via TV Fanatic.

Coroner Airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

The Flipside Review

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

McAvoy: If you happened to have a little downtime today, take a look at a file for me. A friend of mine is helping out one of those true crime podcasts. They think they might have something new.
Jenny: Where's the body?
McAvoy: That's the thing. There isn't one.
Jenny: Okay, how do you -?
McAvoy: Just have a look at it for me with those Jenny eyes. If anything jumps out at you, call me.

Jenny: You don't have to say it. I know I look like a lab rat.
McAvoy: No, you look fine. Like a Jenny Marionette.