Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The Morning After

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Well, the day has finally come. 

Jack and Mel FINALLY slept together. 

Unfortunately, though, Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3 doesn't pick up with them running off into the sunset so soon.

Morning After Kiss - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

Mel: Raising a baby together can create a bond that’s completely unexpected. You can’t--
Jack: No matter what happens, I’m not gonna stop wanting you. I’m in love with you.
Mel: I’m sorry. I’m not ready.
Jack: You’ll get there.

Mel isn't ready just yet to be all in with Jack. Unlike in the books, Mel has a lot more to deal with in this small screen adaptation of the book.

If it were just about Mel and Jack being together, perhaps Mel could put her concerns to the side and be all in with Jack. There is a baby involved, though, and Charmaine will not make things easier for them. 

Charmaine has been antagonistic, uncooperative, and downright b**chy towards Mel all day.

Mel, being the phenomenal bigger person that she is, has gone out of her way to treat Charmaine and help her with her dehydration through holistic methods. Charmaine, though, continues to see Mel as her enemy.

Jealous Charmaine - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

After seeing Mel and Jack outside flirting, Charmaine just had to manipulate Jack by practically guilting him into spending the night at Hope's with her, even on the couch. 

Of course, she presented it to Mel as if Jack was so sweet, and he'd be spending nights with her because he just cares about her and their baby so much. 

Charmaine: Are you always this pushy?
Mel: When it comes to the health of my patients, yeah.
Charmaine: Well, Jack hates pushy women, so.

Mel has insecurities about Jack and this pregnancy just like Charmaine does, and Charmaine knows it. 

At times, you want to feel sorry for Charmaine. She is a single pregnant woman with extreme morning sickness, and the father of her child is in love with someone else. But goodness, she makes it so hard to like her.

Char and Mel Hug - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

She and Mel were able to share a sweet bonding moment, though, when they talked about their deceased mothers.

For a moment, it seems like the two women could possibly be friends one of these days. Could that last though? Probably not.

Jack ran into his old friend, Brady, when he went to confront Calvin about the drug addict that attacked Mel, and that did not go well.

Jack took it upon himself to investigate, either out of a desire to keep the town safe or to avenge Mel, but he was unnecessarily putting himself into danger.

Standoff - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

Jack is just a man. Going to Calvin's site by himself unarmed was downright stupid. He could have been killed. 

It seems Brady has turned into a lost cause, now working with Calvin, and it is obvious Jack has given up on him. Here's hoping there's still a chance for Brady to turn things around.

Connie's sister hoped to turn things around for her daughter Lizzie, when she sent her to live with Connie. Connie, though, was already fed up with Lizzie when Hope thought she could take Lizzie around town.

You don’t argue with children, pets, or husbands. You tell them what to do.


How adorable was Hope thinking that she could control Lizzie? Lizzie is, obviously, a free and wild young girl who has no intentions of loving a life in Virgin River. 

Lizzie's Arrived - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

Ricky, though, was immediately taken with Lizzie. It's obvious those two will either have a teenage romance or Ricky will have a major crush and feelings that will be unreturned.

Poor Connie has enough to deal with after the arrival of Lizzie, but Preacher just had to add onto it.

Connie, the town gossip, of course, remembered Paige's dad was deceased, so that story of Paige going to take care of her sick father didn't work so easily on her. Not only that, but Connie remembered Wes came to town, as she was the one babysitting Christopher when Wes first showed up.

Connie, of all people, being the one to have seen Wes come to town could be the worst case scenario.

Connie - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

It's honestly a shocker (and a bit of a plot hole) that Connie hadn't already mentioned Wes to half the town.

Connie made it her business to spread everyone else's business across town. Paige's husband -- that was never mentioned before -- came to town, and Connie didn't immediately run to tell the rest of the ladies in town? Sorry, that's hard to believe.

Connie is worse than Hope. No way she'd keep that a secret for so long. The likelihood of her keeping it a secret at Preacher's request really seems like a fat chance.

Also, since Preacher just hid the body and they are acting like Wes was never there, why have Paige leave town?

Preacher Lying - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

It seems pointless for Paige to leave town, only for Preacher to keep up her bakery and tell everyone she's only visiting her father. If she's leaving town for good, why not just make it seem like she's actually gone for good?

Something else that's pointless and makes no sense is Hope insisting on Doc continuing to take Muriel out. 

She really wants him to take Muriel out publicly, and for what? To keep the town off their trail? But why? If they are both committed to their reunion, why does it have to be a secret? 

Ultimately, it seems like Hope isn't convinced this second go-around with Doc will work. Otherwise, why get the town invested in Doc being with someone else? It seems Doc is having these same thoughts, the poor guy. He just wants his wife back, and she has him playing all these games.

Disappointed Doc - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

Hurt feelings are going on all around Virgin River.

It seemed, when Mel confided in Joey about Jack, that she was starting to come around about letting Jack into her life. She admitted she just doesn't want to lose him, not after what she went through with Mark.

Mel: After Mark, I just don’t think I could survive losing jack.
Joey: What if he’s your second chance? Some people never find love, let alone twice.

Really, though, her thought process lacks logic. She already feels something for Jack. She probably already fell in love with him, although she can't admit it. Whether the two of them are official or not, it will hurt to lose him, anyway.

She was already hurt by finding out he and Charmaine are having twins.

Irritated Mel - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3

The look that passed between Jack and Mel was one of pure pain. Jack is conflicted because Charmaine is excited and happy, but he knows what this is doing to Mel.

Honestly, Mel is too close to this situation to be treating Charmaine. Sure, she's the only midwife in town, but this situation is complicated enough. 

Mel was only just trying to come to terms with being with Jack and one child, but these are twins. Who knows how the two will make it past this. 

Over to you, Fanatics! 

Do you think Mel and Jack have a chance or is this just too complicated? Do you think Connie can keep a secret for once? Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts!

The Morning After Review

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mel: Raising a baby together can create a bond that’s completely unexpected. You can’t--
Jack: No matter what happens, I’m not gonna stop wanting you. I’m in love with you.
Mel: I’m sorry. I’m not ready.
Jack: You’ll get there.

Mel: I’m so sorry.
Jack: For what?
Mel: For this. I shouldn’t have let things get this far.